Employee of the Month: Jacinto Pastilles

Jacinto Pastilles (left) receives award from John Kiekbusch, President of the PCHOA.

Jacinto Pastilles (left) receives award from John Kiekbusch, President of the PCHOA.

Vickie Hamilton

When the Eagle’s Nest kitchen closed in August for renovations, Jacinto Pastilles, the breakfast cook, was quick to volunteer to help Facilities with the renovation work. An eight year PebbleCreek employee, Jacinto is a favorite among PebbleCreeker breakfast clientele “who know when he’s not in the kitchen to fix their breakfast,” according to Eagle’s Nest Restaurant Manager Donny Anderson. Eagle’s Nest has a regular breakfast clientele, some of whom come for breakfast three to five times a week. Jacinto, according to Donny, knows what they like, how they like their eggs done and will even correct the server who may have rung an order receipt incorrectly. That’s a cook who knows his customers well!

According to co-workers and managers, Jacinto is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and he went above and beyond to assist Facilities, especially with painting in the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. Jacinto is “a real self-starter” according to Ken Sergio, Facilities Manager, “even working shifts starting at 2:00 a.m. and on weekends.” He really demonstrated that he is an asset because he can effectively work with other teams and departments, Ken added. Joe Price, a Facilities Lead Tech, was impressed with the great job Jacinto did painting and how much time it saved the overall team in finishing the project. Jacinto eagerly helped with other aspects of the remodel project including heavy cleaning of the kitchen equipment.

Employees like Jacinto set a good example, reflects Ken, and encourages other employees to work together towards a common goal. “Without his extraordinary efforts,” says Ken, “the painting and remodel projects would not have been as successful.” In fact, Ken laughs, “We tried to steal him from Food and Beverage but they wouldn’t part with him!”

Donny Anderson, Jacinto’s supervisor, states that the breakfast crowd at Eagle’s Nest is not happy when Jacinto is not in the kitchen in the morning. “He is a hard worker and a reliable employee who demonstrates that he cares about his job, his co-workers and PebbleCreek,” states Donny. When not working Jacinto likes to spend time with his 10 year old daughter, who is the apple of his eye!

“I hope folks appreciate that we have quite a number of dedicated employees behind the scenes at PebbleCreek,” states Ken, “and Jacinto is a great representative of this group of employees.”