Don’t Miss the Pop-Up Art Show Friday, April 19, 2-6 p.m.

For the first time, some of your favorite PebbleCreek artists will be at an art show where you can talk directly with them about their art, their motivations, and their mediums.

Unlike the fall show, in which artists are limited to three submissions, at the Pop-Up Show the artists will have their own tables to display many of their works. In addition, some of the artists will have prints that can be purchased at a lower cost.

Although admission is free, registration is required so there will be enough space to easily walk around the ballroom and view the art. Please register yourself and up to three guests at the hour of your choice at A cash bar and music will add to your enjoyment.

Sylvia Armstrong, president of the PC Art Club, said the idea for a pop-up show grew from comments that she heard at previous art shows. “People want the opportunity to talk with the artists, to learn about what motivates them, and to see a variety of their works, which may include both original and fine matted prints. You’ll have plenty of time to talk with them and request a commission if you are interested,” she said.

Participating Artists

Sylvia Armstrong, Debby Bolton, Carol Burford, Roxana Caffaratto, Mary Dohmeier, Hilary Fiscus, Susan Gleason, Erika Grande, Diana Horton-Smith, Betty Jean Kennedy, Candi Kloverstrom, Gary Kotula, Cynthia Lavin, Ila Larson, Marsha Lisle, Sharon Moers, Mary Monet, Donna Mund-Gustafson, Loretta Pruett, Marielle Ramsey, Charlene Romanos, Kathy Sork, Ann Tansey