Community Services Patrol

Gate Issues / Scheduled Preventive Maintenance and Changes

We are currently in the process of completing preventive maintenance inspections to our gate entry system and we’re replacing equipment that is badly worn or on the verge of failing to stay ahead of the curve. As you can imagine, with eight gates, it can be challenging work and our contractor is doing a great job of being prepared for inevitable breakdowns to include having an inventory of parts readily available when problems surface. Please be patient if you experience any delays with any of our gates due to general maintenance or necessary repairs due to a malfunction. The equipment is actually a lot more sophisticated internally than what meets the eye. All gates are now numbered 1 to 8 and you’ll note sizeable eight inch signs with green backgrounds and white numbers depicting the appropriate gate. This should help homeowners identify the gate when they see a problem and make contact with us to report it.

As was already previously reported, a channeled and well-marked golf cart/bicycle lane has been added to the Tuscany entrance (resident’s gate) for safety purposes. We were experiencing an inordinate number gate of arm-related accidents all of which were avoidable and attributable to driver error. Speed and cutting the corner too quickly were the primary culprits. Gate replacement costs $667 per event and those responsible are typically invoiced to bear the cost of the replacement. Another cause of gate-arm destruction is tailgating. Please do not tailgate through any gate. Tailgating is the art of riding someone’s bumper to circumvent the design of the gate-arm system and not waiting for the gate-arm to return to the closed position after the vehicle ahead of you has passed through. Maintaining a safe/assured clear distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you is a requirement of most traffic laws and an obvious safety factor. Spacing between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you is critical to the safe and efficient functioning of the gate-arms. The gates are designed to go down after each vehicle passes.

Registering Vehicles, Golf Carts and Bicycles

All vehicles, including golf carts and bicycles, must be registered. You can do this at no charge at the Eagle’s Nest front desk with our Guest Services staff. Golf carts are not required to purchase an RFID tag; however, they are available for a fee if you’d prefer utilizing the gate-arm system at any of our gates. Registration stickers are issued at no cost, are blue(ish) in color, and need to be placed on your cart, bicycle or car in a location that is readily visible to our gate staff.

7.2 Vehicle Registration, Entry Passes and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags

(a) Registration. All Vehicles maintained at PebbleCreek by a Resident must be registered with the Patrol. In order to register the Vehicle, the individual registering the Vehicle must have a valid PebbleCreek identification card and proof of registration/ownership by a member of the HOA. Once registered, a PebbleCreek numbered registration sticker or RFID tag will be issued. The sticker must be placed where it will be visible on the lower left inside windshield on the driver’s side of the vehicle, except, in the case of motorcycles, bicycles and golf carts, the stickers must be placed where they are readily visible. The Patrol will check for a visible numbered registration sticker.

7.3 Paragraph (e) Vehicle Equipment. All bicycles, golf carts, and other motorized vehicles must be properly equipped with front and rear lights when operated at night on all streets within PebbleCreek.

Parking Rules

Rules in section 7.4, paragraph (d) States that no vehicle may be parked: on other than paved surfaces on private property, (City of Goodyear Ordinance, Section 13-2-12), or on a vacant lot within PebbleCreek.

When parking golf carts, do not park then on the gravel in front of your home. Golf carts cannot be seen from the road between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m.


Bicycles should be parked out of sight for security reasons. We’ve had cases of stolen bicycles in the past so it is a good idea to park them in the garage or out of sight behind your house. A bicycle can easily be tossed in the back of a pickup truck in the blink of an eye as easily as it can ridden away. Keeping them in your garage that remains closed seriously minimizes the potential from you becoming a victim.