Coat Donations for Students Bring to Light Smiling Eyes

T.T.T. members along with representatives of Michael Anderson School display some of the coats.

T.T.T. members along with representatives of Michael Anderson School display some of the coats.

Sandy Hoffman

Many Chapter P T.T.T. individuals generously purchased new jackets to help fill the need for students at Michael Anderson Elementary School. Principle Lori, along with social worker Perla, and master teacher Brittany, representing the students at Michael Anderson, spoke to our group at the last monthly meeting. They enlightened us on educational modifications and everyday procedures and how these interventions are impacting the students and teachers. T.T.T. members had many questions on what we, as individuals, could do to help. Our next mission is to assemble kits for each classroom to be used in the event of a lock-down. Our camp chair, Christy Zemke, is in contact with school personnel and will keep us informed on other ways to assist where we can. Our membership was deeply moved by the information given to us by these dedicated and compassionate leaders Lori, Perla, and Brittany. We left our meeting with a warm glow in our hearts. It truly is better to give than to receive!

Although T.T.T. Chapter P was disappointed not to be able to share poinsettias with PebbleCreek residents this year, we are super excited to be bringing the scrumdiddlyumptious butter braids from Uplifting Promotions to our community once again. Exact dates are yet to be determined. Residents will be able to order online or from a member. Check this publication for future information.

Gifts of recognition of outstanding leadership and dedication have been presented to outgoing board members Claudia Clarkson, Cathi Hollis, Laurie Overson, and Becky Gardner. Newly elected T.T.T. officers are President Jan Stash, Vice President Sandy Hoffman, Secretary Maureen Wilson, and Treasurer Louise Warren. Appointed chairpersons are Maura Weddle, Friendship; Claudia Clarkson, Membership; and Christy Zemke, Camp Chair.

We welcomed new member Jeanette Wellman to our organization last month. She has already jumped in with infectious enthusiasm. If our organization and purpose send a message to you of longing to belong to this like-minded group, call or text our past president and current membership chair, Claudia Clarkson at 563-249-2331 for more information.

Blessings to all in 2021 from T.T.T. Chapter P (Remember, P is for Poinsettia!).