Ceramics Club Profile

Piggy bank made by Sherry Guthrie

Ardell Roberts

Sherry Guthrie volunteered (well, mostly was coerced) to serve as secretary of the Ceramics Club of PebbleCreek toward the end of 2020. Sherry and her husband, Dave, rented a home here between May and October 2019 to see if they could survive the summers here. Not only could they survive, but they thrived!

Sherry says it was too cold to swim in San Diego, but she loves to swim (actually, float) here. They were fortunate to find a resale villa that had almost everything they wanted, and they didn’t need to wait for a new one to be built. They even bought a golf cart from the previous owners. They are now here full time. They love the friendly people in PebbleCreek, who have moved here from all over the U.S. and Canada, and the welcoming environment they have experienced.

Sherry was originally interested in taking watercolor classes when she moved to PebbleCreek, but COVID came along and no classes were offered, so she got involved in ceramics. Her first ceramic project was a pot. She was taught how to use an alcohol technique on the pot, and it turned out beautiful. She was able to take ceramic supplies home and spent time during COVID painting pieces. She spent 2020 working on special ceramic projects at home to give as Christmas gifts to family members. She made a couple of growlers on which she painted family crests.

Sherry says it’s fun to come up with ideas to make gift pieces unique and special. Her favorite piece (so far) is an old-fashioned, pink piggy bank she painted for her granddaughter as a graduation gift from college. The pink bank was dipped in an alcohol and water solution that created a swirled effect of gold on the bank. Sherry’s daughter has a large yard with a Pixie Hollow, and Sherry will be contributing some ceramic fairy houses to the hollow.

Sherry particularly looks forward to trying the many and varied ceramic techniques that are available. There are so many techniques, she says it is hard to imagine you can get bored. She can’t wait to take the ceramic classes the club hopes to offer using various techniques during the coming year. She has still not taken that watercolor class.

Besides ceramics and participating in some exercise classes, Sherry loves to read, walk, golf, travel, spend time with friends, and just sit quietly.

Sherry volunteered and worked with a fellow Ceramics Club member, Felechia Justice, to create a Ceramics Club web page. Go to http://ccpc.online/ and check out the gallery displaying some of the projects completed by members of the Ceramics Club. The website also has the Ceramics Club application form for those who would like to join. Thank you, Sherry and Felechia!