Ceramics Club News

Ardell Roberts

Kelli Frederickson is our bright ball of sunshine who welcomes all with a smile! She’s a native Phoenician and has been teaching ceramics at PebbleCreek for six years. Kelli has always been interested in art. She thought hobbies that become a vocation would no longer be fun, but Kelli was delightfully surprised when her ceramics hobby became a job that she loves, and teaching made it even more enjoyable.

Kelli began her first ceramics project when a friend graduated from the FBI Academy in 1998, and she needed a congratulatory gift. She decided to make a water feature for her friend, intending that would be her only ceramics project. At the same time, her mother needed help with some detailed ceramics work she was working on, so Kelli pitched in. The teacher recognized Kelli’s talent and encouraged her to take classes. She began working on her certification in 2001. After a relocation to Missouri, Kelli and her husband returned to the Phoenix area, and Kelli finished her certification at Marjon in 2009.

Kelli has painted a detailed set of china with 16 place settings and many serving pieces that she still loves using. Kelli now gives away most of her work as gifts. She makes a piece she likes, and the intended new owner and gift occasion seem to come along at just the right time.

Kelli has one daughter and two granddaughters. She likes photography, hiking, being outdoors, golf, and spending time with her granddaughters. Kelli particularly values working on Italian ceramics because of the intricate detailing and wide range of colors. She is the “detail person.” Kelli is proud of all her students and shares in the joy of their creations.