Ceramics Club Artist of the Month: Debbie Vasilofski

Gena Wickstrom

It all starts with liquid clay, poured into a mold, dried, then shipped to the Ceramics Club for the beginning of exceptional, unique creations. Every design, from very intricate to smooth exterior, inspires a vision of “what this will become!” There are numerous paint options and techniques that make each piece exciting.

Ceramics artist Debbie Vasilofski often embraces the dry slate of larger pieces and uses a combination of gloss and acrylic to achieve a blend with varying depth. As our Artist of the Month, Debbie challenges herself to work with instructors so each new creation achieves a unique focus. Always one to try something new, Debbie inspires her fellow students to “go for it,” and, “if you don’t love it, repaint it, give it away, or stick it in a closet!” Debbie moved from Michigan to PebbleCreek and praises sunshine over ice. That said, when not in PebbleCreek, Debbie still spends lots of time in Michigan with her husband.