Other Card Results – December 2014

Cribbage Club

Donna von Oy

The Cribbage Club meets twice monthly, the first Thursday and the third Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Sienna Room at Tuscany Falls. The club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of Cribbage. If you don’t know how to play, but are interested in learning, come join us for an afternoon of fun. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards, please bring them with you.

We have winners to report, first, second and third place:

10/17: Donna von Oy, Rich Rugg, Durke Johnson

11/6: Rich Rugg, John Evers, Barbara Patrow

For more information, please call Kaj Cieszynski at 619-972-0720 or Donna von Oy at 623-935-1967.


As usual the Palm Room is buzzin on Thursday evenings as the avid Euchre players call out “that’s a euchre”—”pick it up”—”I’ll go alone!” Best part of the evening is payoff time when players find out if they are a winner.

This report shows the following big winners.

10/16: 1st place George Clark 67; 2nd Bill Todd 66; 3rd Bill Greenwood 58; Loners Keith Charlesworth 4; Low score Barb Prevendar 27

10/23: 1st place Maureen Pugsley 57; 2nd Bill Halte 56; 3rd Merle Austin 55; Loners Barb Clark 4; Low score Muriel Milewski 35

10/30: 1st place Muriel Milewski 61; 2nd Patty Murphy, Tom Reynolds and Sue Johnson 59; 3rd Keith Charlesworth, Dennis Hanely and Mike Prevendar 57; Loners Scott Johnson 5; Low score Helen Thompson 28

11/6: 1st place Bill Forshaw 56; 2nd Paul Messina 54; 3rd Mike Prevendar and Steve Harper 51; Loners Carol Hanely 3; Low score David Huang 35

Apolologies to David for misspelling his name one week and for leaving off his last name another time!

A warm welcome to two new players Judy Moore and Jerry Fox.

Remember, Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. at the Palm Room, Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. Bring a dollar and you’re in!

Pinochle Club

Robert Conrardy

If you are looking for fun on Thursday evening, join us for an evening of Pinochle. We would like to welcome Glenn Grube and Bev and Mike Cummings.

The Pinochle Club meets every Thursday from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the Sienna Room of the Tuscany Falls Country Club. Contact Denny Wallon at 935-0220 for more information. We play single deck partnership, passing four cards and occasionally three handed pinochle with a three card kitty. There is a nominal fee of $1 for an evening of fun with the funds going towards prize money.

The winners for October are as follows:

10/2: Our 1st place winner Linda Hurtado had a score of 6580 points and Marion Helton took 2nd place with a score of 6420; 3rd place goes to Bill McLinden with a score of 6310 and booby goes to Joan Wallon at 4330.

10/9: 1st place winner Loretta Morris had a score of 6860 points and 2nd place was taken by Bob Tarabetz with a score of 6680; 3rd place goes to Khana Soper with a score of 6570 and booby goes to John Kuck at 4090.

10/16: Kim Holmes placed first with a score of 6720 points followed by Larry Coyle in second with a score of 6460. Bob Conrardy came in third place with 6000 and the bobby went to Linda Hurtado with a score of 3990.

10/23: 1st place winner Stan Zdunczyk had 7230 points; 2nd Leah Martin with 6830 and in 3rd Joan Wallon, 6820. Booby went to Lenny Mandel at 3720.

10/30: 1st place winner Bruce Baird, 7260 points; 2nd Bob Conrardy, 7210 and in 3rd Stan Zdunczyk with 7010. Booby went to Beverly Vawter at 3930.

The year 2013 saw the all-time high score of 8320 set by Joe Sanzone on October 29, 2011, and the all-time low score of 2170 set on October 27, 2012, by Danny Payon remain in place. Will the records hold for another year? The high score for 2014 has jumped to 8,240 set by Bob Conrardy and Sheril Williams has taken over the low booby for year with a score of 2870.