Men’s Christian Fellowship news – December 2014

Pastor Don Wuthrich speaking to the Fellowship

Pastor Don Wuthrich speaking to the Fellowship

Tom Chapman

On November 5 the men of the Fellowship were blessed with a presentation entitled Take Care Lest You Forget given by Pastor Dan Wuthrich of the Mayer Community Church of Mayer, Arizona. Pastor Dan began by taking as his reference, Judges 2:1-5, which he used to remind the men of God’s instructions to the Jewish people just before they crossed the Jordan River to claim the land God had promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Jews were to obey the laws God had given them at Sinai, and if they did He would make Israel a special nation. They had entered into this covenant, which specified God’s part if the Jews obeyed it, was to protect them and to give them unique blessings for serving Him. Israel’s part was simply to love God and obey His laws. However, it only took one generation for the Jews to turn away from their God by rejecting and disobeying Him. This, in turn, released God from His covenant obligations to Israel to protect and bless them. Pastor Dan then compared Israel’s actions to what is happening in this country today. America has ceased to follow God’s words and as a result we have lost His blessings and opened our nation to His judgments. Our modern culture with its idols has led us away from the God of all creation. Only a return to the God of our Fathers can restore the protection and blessings of a loving God.

Pastor Dan also shared some insights concerning Village Missions, the ministry that he represents in Mayer. This organization provides pastors to primarily rural congregations which cannot afford a full time pastor. He shared about the loss of many of the rural churches today. Dan is the pastor to the people of Mayer, a small community on Highway 69 as you go toward Prescott from Interstate 17.

The Fellowship will hold a fellowship breakfast at 8:00 a.m. December 3 in the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant in lieu of our normal monthly meeting. Those attending are encouraged to bring a friend with them. Please call Ron Glynn at 535-9324 for reservations.

Our January 7, 2015, meeting will be a service project to help serve the noon meal at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. For more information call Jim Jarvis at 536-6658.

The Fellowship is open to all men residing in PebbleCreek and you are invited to join us for our monthly meeting and outreach events. The Fellowship meets in the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse Chianti Room at 7:30 a.m. the first Tuesday of the month. For additional information please contact Tom Chapman at 536-5180.