Bridge Results – December 2014

Left to right: Susan McAniff and Vickie Thomas with their Pro Am Trophies.

Left to right: Susan McAniff and Vickie Thomas with their Pro Am Trophies.

Duplicate Bridge (Sanctioned)

Kathy Bergman

24 of our players attended The Mesa Desert Empire Regional held October 6 through 12. Big congratulations go to Vickie Thomas and Susan McAniff playing in the Pro Am event, each winning their section. Also, congratulations to Kathy Bergman, Sue Gainer, Sue Woodard, Pat Smith and Mault Mathias winning the Ocotillo Knockout Bracket 4. Our other players successfully bringing home points and wins in descending order of points won are Kathy Bergman, Sue Gainer, Shay Kinney, Kate Tracy, Enid Bross, Cheryl La Motta, Jackie Wielgosz, Vi Metter, Pat Smith, Mault Mathias, Vickie Thomas, Susan McAniff, Sue Woodard, Raymond and Mary Price, Nancy Perkins, Carole Mathias, Mary Lou Cralle and Barbara Wold. Well done!

October 2014 Results:

Winners at the Monday/Thursday Sanctioned Duplicate games are as follows in rank order (games are overall winners unless North/South and East/West are shown separately):

10/2: N/S Kathy Bergman/Doreen Marek, Sue Gainer/Sue Woodard, Larry Monroe/Gen Hunter. E/W Vi Metter/Shay Kinney, Kate Tracy/Jackie Wielgosz, Cheryl LaMotta/Nancy Perkins

10/6: Shay Kinney/Vi Metter, Mault Mathias/Otis Cross, Kate Tracy/Jackie Wielgosz, Enid Bross/Cheryl LaMotta, Marylou Cralle/Barbara Wold

10/13: Cheryl LaMotta/Nancy Perkins, Gen Hunter/Larry Monroe, Chris Mucha/Bill Ballard

10/16: Mault Mathias/Bill Ballard, Glenn Woodard/Ken Deford, Joanne Korytowski/ William Korytowski, Sue Woodard/Georgia Jacka, Susan McAniff/Vickie Thomas

10/20: N/S Kathy Bergman/Sue Woodard, Gen Hunter/Larry Monroe, Vi Metter/Shay Kinney, Mary Price/Ray Price. E/W Chris Mucha/Bill Ballard, Kate Tracy/Enid Bross, Vickie Thomas/Susan McAniff

10/23: Jackie Wielgosz/Enid Bross, Kathy Bergman/Doreen Marek, Joanne Korytowski/William Korytowski, Barb Economou/Emil Economou, Nancy Perkins/Jane Gregory, Vi Metter/Shay Kinney

10/27: N/S Pat Smith/Doreen Marek, Shay Kinney/Vi Metter, Mary Price/Ray Price, Judy Brown/Carole Mathias. E/W Jane Gregory/Irene Bates, Georgia Jacka/Sue Gainer, Cheryl LaMotta/Jackie Wielgosz, Joanne Korytowski/William Korytowski Ted Murray/Doug Freimuth, Nancy Perkins/Sandy Kolls

10/30: Barb Economou/Emil Economou, Mary Price/Ray Price, Kate Tracy/Jackie Wielgosz

Winners in the Tuesday Novice-Intermediate games were:

10/14: N/S Robert Conrardy/Otis Cross, Mary Price/Ray Price. E/W Gen Hunter/Larry Monroe, Vickie Thomas/Susan McAniff

10/21: Team Game Georgia Messina/Paul Messina, Mary Price/Ray Price, Vickie Thomas/Susan McAniff, Jerry Burch/Kathleen Burch

10/28: Ralph Lester/Nancy Perkins, Natalie Simon/Helen Hohlstein, Kathleen Burch/Jerry Burch, Natalie Niemi/Ann Johnson

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Non Sanctioned Duplicate Bridge

Gillian Greenwood

Non sanctioned Duplicate Bridge is played in the Palm Room at Eagle’s Nest on Mondays at 12.30 p.m.

October 6, 2014, N/S: 1st Anita Asp and Neal Westermeyer; 2nd Marnie Horn and Daele Proctor; 3rd John Macdonald and Luanne Jorgensen

E/W: 1st Gary Lord and Jerry Young; 2nd Alice Jackse and Judy Nelson; 3rd Jean Edwards and Kay Baumann

October 13, 2014, N/S: 1st Marge Stipp and Gillian Greenwood; 2nd Sandy Blackburn and Karin Lyon; 3rd Paul and Georgia Messina

E/W: 1st Sylvia Lewis and Ralph Lester; 2nd Daele Proctor and Marnie Horn; 3rd Sylvia Robinson and Evelyn Mercer

October 20, 2014, N/S: 1st Darlene Finnegan and Patti Murphy; 2nd Jerry Young and Neal Westermeyer; 3rd Susan Barber and Shelley Foster

E/W: 1st Marge Stipp and Gillian Greenwood; 2nd Evelyn Mercer and Barbara Rampy; 3rd Sylvia Lewis and Ralph Lester

October 27, 2014, N/S: 1st Dennis Yakobson and Pat Anselmo; 2nd Sandy Blackburn and Karin Lyon; 3rd Kay Baumann and Jean Edwards

E/W: 1st Arline and Arnie Cronquist; 2nd John Macdonald and Luanne Jorgensen; 3rd Susan Barber and Shelley Foster

Wednesday Afternoon Pairs Bridge

Darlene Finnegan

Pairs Bridge meets every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Palm Room. For more information call Luanne and Wes Jorgensen at 935-9200. The following winners are for the indicated dates:

October 1, 2014: 1st Jeanne Sorensen and Jean Edwards; 2nd Karl Wisser and Jerry Young; 3rd Arline and Arnie Cronquist

October 8, 2014: 1st Jerry Schecktman and David Wattenberg; 2nd Jerry Young and Karl Wisser; 3rd Ann and Tom Pickett

October 15, 2014: 1st Pat and Dennis Anselmo; 2nd Karl Wisser and Jerry Young; 3rd Susan Gleason and Clara Hohnstein

October 22, 2014: 1st Kay Baumann and Patti Murphy; 2nd Ann Rohlman and Ralph Lester; 3rd Jerry Young and Karl Wisser

October 29, 2014: 1st Bev Eckes and Marge Robinson; 2nd Sandy Blackburn and Evelyn Mercer; 3rd Luanne and Wes Jorgensen