Billiards Club Winners

Tuesday a.m. 8-Ball tournament players, left to right, Al Vence, Clay Beeson, Jim Padgitt, and Bill Frustaglia.

Johnny Henson

Tuesday 8 a.m. 8-Ball tournament winners for September were Lynn Warren (x2), Dan Harris, and Bob Macy.

Friday 8 a.m. 9-Ball tournament winners for September were Bob Macy (x2), Mark Kuhn, Al Vence, and Dan Harris.

The player of the month is Bob Macy with three wins. Congratulations to Lynn Warren and Dan Harris, both with two wins each. Both Dan Harris and Bob Macy won in both  8-Ball and 9-Ball.

A special dedication to Gino Ranalli who passed. He was a good friend to all and will be missed. Go Ohio State!