A Tribute to “Mr. Pickleball,” Art House

The PebbleCreek pickleball community surprised Art House to thank him for his coaching and contributions in helping the sport grow over the years.

Jules Cardinale

On Saturday morning, May 7, many of our long-time pickleball players congregated at the courts to start a golf cart parade to honor Art House for all his contributions, and headed to Art and Linda Sue’s home to surprise him.

The pickleball players offered him a framed group picture that honors his teachings, coaching, and mentorship to almost all of us who play pickleball here in PebbleCreek.

In addition, we honored Art with a trophy donated by Jim Laham and Pat Chernow with a message that reads:

With our greatest appreciation presented to Art House in recognition of your outstanding contribution and selfless dedication to the introduction and coaching of the sport of pickleball to your fellow residents of the

PebbleCreek Retirement Resort, Goodyear, Arizona. Congratulations! Best wishes and happiness in your new residence.

Sheri Sears also shared a five poster board “thank you” card with personal messages from many of the players who have had the pleasure of his coaching throughout all these years.

Here are just some of the accomplishments and contributions that Art has given to our pickleball community:

* Art created our first PebbleCreek logo from scratch.

* He served on the board of directors as treasurer for two years from 2011-2012.

* In 2011, the board appointed him to start a new training class for new pickleball members.

* In 2013 he became the webmaster for our club site (he would actually make “house” calls—no pun intended) with players who had any trouble with the website.

* In 2014, Art volunteered to become the court reservation system administrator.

* Art has provided over 1,250 pickleball paddles to residents so they can start playing pickleball.

* Art has introduced and instructed more than 1,000 players on how to play pickleball.

* Art was one of the original initiators to get more courts.

All in all, Art has been a tremendous supporter to help this pickleball community grow. He still likes to say “Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America.” His wife Linda Sue shared that “Art would come home so happy after meeting so many residents interested in pickleball and introduced them to me. The pickleball community has become the melting pot in meeting so many new friends and has enriched our lives greatly.”

Art played the game with enthusiasm and passion. While he loved making a great shot, he equally enjoyed seeing his partners and opponents make great shots, which he always acknowledged. Art wanted the game to be fun for all players and have them leave the court with a feeling of fun knowing they always did their best. This is what he taught and always wanted players to remember.

Art and Linda Sue will be leaving in the fall to go back and live near their kids and grandkids in the north Virginia area.

Thank you, Art and Linda Sue! We will miss you both when you leave, but your legacy will live on forever!