PebbleCreek Woodcarvers enjoy summer BBQ

Larry Matney

Mike and Cynthia Schwartz hosted a summer BBQ for Woodcarvers Club members and spouses that are in PebbleCreek during the summer. It was great to get together, visit and have delicious food.

The club has been very active this summer. Formal classes start in October, but if you would like to start carving sooner, contact Joel Hawkins via email at or stop by the Quail Room and there will usually be someone there to get you started. During the summer there are normally carvers in the Quail Room Monday through Friday in the mornings except on Thursday when another club uses the room.

The club has general meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. from October to April. If you are interested in woodcarving stop by to see completed work and meet club members. Most members have had little or no experience carving prior to taking one of the club’s classes. Carving equipment is available for use during your first two classes to see if you like carving.

Here is a list of planned classes for the 2018/2019 carving season: Chip Carving, Corn Dancer Kachina, Cottonwood Bark, Flower Bloom (Base for mounting Hummingbird), Giraffe, Hummingbird, Native American Kachina, Northwest Ceremonial Bowl, Parakeet, Pine Knot Carving, Rainbow Trout, Soap Stone Carving, Tool Sharpening, Western Tanager, Wolf Kachina, Wood Lathe Basics (Writing Pen) and Woodcarving Basics.