PCSSA news – the heat is on

Fred Dresser

That’s right, sports fans. The heat is on as the six teams that make up the PCSSA spring softball season do battle as the temperatures start their rise to the triple digits. By the time you read this, the season will be over and these brave but foolhardy souls will cool down as they await the start of 2018/2019 fall/winter season.

It’s been an interesting season as some new faces have appeared. With players leaving on trips, etc., many subs are required to allow a team to be eligible for play. It’s not unusual to see three, four or more different uniform colors playing for a team that needed to fill a player’s absence. Don’t get me wrong, the players that play for other teams but who are subbing for a team play just as competitively as they would for their assigned team. These players that make up the team respect each other as they do not want to be the recipient of, shall we say, remarks from players that line the first and third base fences about their fielding and batting capabilities.