PCMGA recognizes its most active players for 2017-2018

2018 PCMGA Most Active Member James Seith

Howie Tiger

The PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association conducts friendly golf competitions every Thursday for its members, except in October during overseed. The formats vary each week and include scrambles, best balls, goofy golf and several major events played on all of our PebbleCreek courses. Participation in these competitions by PCMGA members is the key to its success.

The PCMGA would like to recognize those members who have most supported the PCMGA by participating in 30+ events (not including majors) during the 2017-2018 golf season. This year we have 11 players who participated in 30+ events.

Most Active Players (number of plays, not including majors, in parentheses) – source five-play report December 2017-November 2018: James Seith (38); Larry Haiflich (36); Brad Johnston (36); Thomas Henderson (35); Norman Munger (35); Skip Holmes (33); Dave Korba (33); John McCrickard (33); Bill Mills (31); Bill Schaffer (31) and Roger Pierson (30).

As our most active player in the 2017-2018 season, James Seith will receive $25 (amount will be added to his Homeowners card). Back in 2016, James also shared this recognition. Year in, year out he is consistently one of our most active players. Congratulations again!

The PCMGA would also like to thank several members who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support our organization. They include Skip Holmes (Tournament Chairman), Chuck (Gus) Gustafson, Steve Straley, Bill Schaffer, John Stergulz, John Abercrombie, Clint Hull, Mike Moy, Nick Steckler (Handicaps) and Tom Schmidt (Rules).