PC Quilters honor Jeremy Chandler

Jeremey Chandler was an Army Captain, Green Beret soldier on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan when he lost his life. Jeremy’s parents, Jonnie and Al Chandler of PebbleCreek, established a scholarship at Jeremy’s alma mater, the University of North Georgia, seven years ago. They fund the scholarships through an annual Beer and Wine Tasting event each November at Auggies. The event goes from 5:00-9:00 p.m. with a silent auction and raffles. Jonnie and Al collect donations from Goodyear businesses. Jonnie said it is a way to honor their son and keep his memory alive and his commitment to serve our country. The scholarships are given to cadets that are planning to be commissioned upon graduation from the university. Eleven scholarships have been given with the first female being awarded this past year. The recipients have become friends of Jonnie and Al and faithfully keep in contact with them.

As part of the silent auction/raffle, the PC Quilters were asked if they would donate a quilt for the money raising event. Each year volunteers in the organization come together for a day to design the quilt and then others cut, piece, quilt and bind the quilt. The quilt has become one of the most cherished items of the event with three of them going to such places as Australia, Texas and Virginia. Other quilts have found homes in PebbleCreek.

Keep room on your calendar for the Jeremy Chandler Scholarship Fundraising Event next fall, November 9 from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at Auggies. This event celebrates a life given in service of our country that helps future young women and men complete their education so they can be commissioned for future service.