PC Dems participate in February 21 voter registration day of action

Participants in the Voter Registration Drive included (from left): Claudine Zielinski, Wally Zelinski, Mary Thomas, Judy Bryan, Roberta Medina. Not shown: Janet and Roger Race, Judy Driscoll, Phyllis and Lester Minsuk and Mary Darris-Mclin

Roberta Medina and Alisa Moore

PebbleCreek Democrats comprised several of the 53 teams of more than 518 people who fanned out to register new voters (non-partisan) in Phoenix, primarily LD 20, on February 21. Team Members registered more than 460 new voters, answered questions and collected 445 Commitment Cards from people who identified issues they cared about and promised to vote. Lots of people at the Glendale Chocolate Festival were participants, had a terrific time and are looking forward to the next event, open to all, which is the March 24 “March for Our Lives” National Day of Action honoring the 17 victims of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and supporting the call for changes in gun access by the survivors which has created a tidal wave of political response. See next month’s PC Post for a follow-up on that event.

Interested in registering to vote? Nonpartisan registration is available! Please contact Roberta Medina at robertamedina7@gmail.com to arrange registration.

If you would like to be involved with the PC Dems, including working with ongoing local, state and federal campaigns, please contact Terry Gunn, Interim Chair of the LD13 Democrats, at wogun1@gmail.com