Paul Maurer Scores Ace During PCMGA Event

Paul Maurer on the magical 12th green

Paul Maurer on the magical 12th green

Howie Tiger

On Nov. 12, Paul Maurer made a hole-in-one on the 12th hole of the Eagle’s Nest course. This may be the first recorded ace on our newly renovated course at PebbleCreek.

The pin on this par-3 hole was located in the middle, just beyond a newly added sand trap. (Many players are happy that the huge bunker on the right was removed!) Paul hit his 7-iron from 149 yards from the white tee. It was a solid shot with a baby draw right at the hole. Neither Paul nor his playing partners saw the ball go in, as they looked directly into the morning sunshine (they started play on the 10th hole).

Paul’s playing partners were Brad Johnston, Wayne Fleming, and Terry Smith. Terry arrived at the green first and saw his own ball beyond the hole. Paul thought that ball was his, then realized Terry had hit a white ball and his was yellow. Terry proceeded to look in the hole and said to Paul, “Congratulations man, it’s in the hole!” Paul thought Terry was kidding and waited for his other two playing partners to chip onto the green. Paul finally checked the hole and found that Terry was not kidding. What a shot!

Paul is probably best known for regularly walking our golf courses using a push cart. As a coincidence, Paul purchased a riding cart the prior day from his sister, also a PebbleCreek resident. So, the first time using this cart, he gets a hole-in-one on the 12th of November on the 12th hole of Eagle’s Nest, the same hole where his sister happens to live.

Paul is originally from Spencer, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State with a degree in architecture and spent his career in Spencer as an architect.

This was Paul’s 6th hole-in-one in his 36-year golf career. His first three took place in the ’80s and ’90s at the Spencer Golf & Country Club. His fourth took place on the 8th hole at the Coldwater golf course in 2011. His most recent one took place in 2014 at the Falcon golf course on hole number 11.

Paul now qualifies to share in the PCMGA annual hole-in-one prize fund with Steve Wonder. A fairly good prize, but not quite like his sister’s hole-in-one prize. For her ace, she won a car!

Congratulations to Paul on this fantastic shot! The question remains, “Will he ever use that push cart again?”