Pandemic Golfers Not Deterred by the Heat

Chris Mucha

PCM9GA continues organized pandemic golf play at Tuscany Falls. The Golfing Niners played a combination of regular golf, as well as club tournaments, during the month of September. Hearty souls would not be deterred by the oppressive heat and humidity of our crazy Arizona summer, as they took out their frustrations on those little white golf balls. Results for regular golf days during the month were as follows:

Sept. 3 Play Results

Low Gross Scores

At 39: Gerald Sota

At 42 (tie): Dave Eckert, Trevor Ballinger

At 43 (tie): Dennis Grice, Brian Kole, Dock Atwater

Low Net Scores

At 33: Joe Belonax

At 34: Jim Tackett

At 35 (tie): Mickey Osterneck, Dave Eckert, James Jimenez, Fred Schwartz

Closest to pin on tee shot, and top two closest to pin out of bunker (second shot only):

Closest on tee shot: Mike Mason 7′ 3″, $15

Closest to pin from bunker:

1st Place, Jerry Matousek 5′ 1″, $15

2nd Place, Kerry Walsh 14′, $15

Sept. 17 Play Results

Flight 1 – Low Gross

1st Place: Fred Schmidt at 36

2nd Place: Dennis Grice at 38

3rd Place: Joe Oliver at 40

Flight 2 – Low Gross

1st Place: Charles Akers at 42

2nd Place: Ron Plotkin at 43

3rd Place: James Jimenez at 44

Flight 1 – Low Net

1st Place: Dennis Grice at 33

2nd Place: Brad Hedien at 33

3rd Place: Josh Rabinowitz at 34

Flight 2 – Low Net

1st Place: Ron Plotkin at 29

2nd Place: Charles Akers at 30

3rd Place: James Jimenez at 31

KP and LP Prize Winners

KP on hole number 9: James Mitchell 5’11”, $15

LP on hole number 9: Josh Rabinowitz 40′ (Wow, that’s a putt!), $15