Kona Hawaii Fit Trip 2019

Judy Parker

This year, 20 women attended the Kona Fit Trip run by Judy Parker of PebbleCreek. Each morning, a one-hour exercise program was scheduled with daily outings and adventures, such as a few pickleball games, snorkeling, hiking, and a lot more, including who will be the next Miss Kona?

This year, Lynn Banks was honored as Miss Kona, along with runner up Kerry Williams, both from PebbleCreek. It was a delightfully fun-filled week. Miss Kona wore her crown and sash with pride as she boarded the airplane home. The pilot of American Airlines announced Miss Kona as our special guest on board.

The goal of this retreat was to bring women together and make new and lasting friendships and memories, while trying new things with the support and encouragement of others. Pickleball was a new sport for a few, along with the manta ray night dive, and nightly shared stories over a glass of wine or favorite drink of choice. This year, we had a truly unbelievable group of women—all positive, with open hearts and a great sense of humor.

Congratulations to Lynn Banks, whom I know will be wearing her crown proudly and volunteering her time around our community here at PebbleCreek, as well as to Kerry Williams, who will be right beside her making sure she fulfills her obligations!