History and quilting come together

PebbleCreek Quilter, Donna Wisnoski, has a passion for history and quilt making. As a result, the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project was begun within the PebbleCreek Quilters organization several years ago.

It is often a challenge for the quilter to sew a label on the back of a quilt when a quilt is finished. This label needs to include such information as the date, occasion and person(s) that pieced and quilted the quilt. As a result of not completing this last step, many quilts are handed down to family members but the wonderful stories of the quilt’s journey are lost.

Donna, along with many members, took intensive workshops to learn the art of quilt documentation. Even though the person that pieced and quilted the creation may not be known, through careful study of the fabric content, colors, fabric style and quilt pattern, the range of time that the quilt was created and other such characteristics can be documented. After documentation, the quilt is labeled with a number that future persons can find the information in a national registry online.

The members of the documentation committee document quilts one afternoon per month. This is not a quilt appraisal for how much the quilt may be worth, but more a story of information of the quilt. For more information, please go the pebblecreekquilters.org website and click the link Documentation if you would like to have a quilt documented.