Election Essentials

Jack Gregory, Al Hoxie, Chandy Karlen, and Bob Paine are the four candidates in our fall 2020 election. The candidates are vying for a two-year resident-volunteer position on the PCHOA Board of Directors, beginning Jan. 1, 2021. A director’s duties and responsibilities are described in Article V Section 2 of PebbleCreek’s CC&Rs, which are posted on the PCHOA website.

2020 Election Process

Who can vote?

Eligible voters are defined as “one homeowner of record per unit/lot.” One vote per lot. Regardless of the number of owners of any lot, there can be just one vote per lot. Any attempts to cast an additional ballot will be denied.

If a voter owns multiple lots, their vote will be weighted, and this weighting will be indicated on the email ballot from VoteHOANow.com. For instance, if a voter owns three PebbleCreek homes, the weighting will be three, and his/her vote will be counted three times. (If not voting online, the owner of multiple lots can request a paper ballot for each lot owned.)

Renters or lessees are ineligible to vote.

For additional details on eligibility, see the Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for PebbleCreek Golf Resort, ARTICLE VI. Membership and Voting.

How to vote

Online voting is available 24/7 to registered homeowners. Since 2017, our online voting process has been managed by VoteHOANow.com. Online voting has proven to be quick, easy to use, and yielded an outstanding turnout for the last three elections.

To ensure your electronic ballot reaches you, please make sure you have your email on file with the HOA. This can be verified in the following ways:

* If you currently receive your HOA dues billing by email, that email address is currently on file with the HOA and you will receive your voting instructions at that email address.

* If you do not receive your billing by email and wish to check if you have an email address on file, or to add an email address to your HOA records for the purpose of voting, send an email to jennifer.schell@robson.com. In your email, please indicate your full name, the email address you wish to add, and your street address.

If you prefer using a paper ballot, you must request one, in person, from the Eagle’s Nest or Tuscany Falls front desk during the active election period. No paper ballots will be mailed.

When to vote

Our PebbleCreek computer system designates the email address of the first name that appears on the lot’s deed as the primary email address for that property. Adhering to the CC&Rs’ election requirement of one vote per lot, each registered primary email address will receive an emailed invitation from VoteHOANow to vote online anytime during the fall PCHOA election period, which begins Tuesday, Nov. 10 and ends at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24.

On or about Nov. 10, registered homeowners will receive an email from PebbleCreekGolfResort@ivotehoa.com asking them to:

* Go online to the voting site by clicking the link provided in the email.

* Complete the voter registration (your voting code will prepopulate), even if you’ve registered in previous years.

* View the ballot, select the one candidate for which they are placing their vote, and submit their choice.

Once the vote is submitted, the homeowner will receive both an on-screen confirmation and an email that the vote has been confirmed. The entire, private, secure process takes only a few minutes.

More than 100 Arizona homeowner associations already use VoteHOANow’s system, which meets all legal requirements for HOA elections. It also provides the convenience of online access from anywhere and a paper-saving, eco-friendly approach.

If you prefer using a paper ballot, go in person to either of our Resident and Guest Service front desks during the active election period, which begins Tuesday, Nov. 10 and ends at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24, anytime within Resident & Guest Services’ business hours.

Meet Your 2020 Election Volunteers

Our PebbleCreek Election Committee consists of four volunteer residents and is charged with conducting elections on behalf of the PCHOA. The committee is responsible for notifying homeowners of election procedures and absentee balloting, counting ballots, tallying votes, declaring a winner, and presenting the winning candidate to the board.

Each year, the board appoints the Election Committee chairman, who serves a two-year term. Upon approval by the board, the chairman may serve for subsequent terms.

If you have questions about the upcoming election, or need additional information, contact Gordon Seaman, chair of the PCHOA Election Committee at seamanx2@cox.net.

Meet the Candidates for HOA Board of Directors

Jack Gregory

PebbleCreek resident since 2019

Educational Background:

* B.S. in Biology, Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia

* Master of Public Administration, University of Oklahoma

* Master of Strategic Studies, U.S. Air Force’s Air University

* Distinguished Graduate, U.S. Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College

* Graduate, U.S. Air Force’s Air War College

Professional Background:

* 41 years of military and federal government experience

* Appointed to federal government’s Senior Executive Service in 2014

* Associate Director, NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Calif., 2014-19

* Chief of Staff (civil servant), Air Force Flight Test Center, Calif., 2007-14

* Deputy Commander and Inspector General, Eleventh Air Force, Alaska, 2005-07

* Deputy Commander, Air Force Flight Test Center, Calif., 2003-05

* Commander, 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group, Fla., 2001-03

* Chief, Air Force Middle East/Africa International Affairs, Pentagon, 2000-01

* International affairs officer, Secretary of Defense staff, Pentagon, 1998-99

* Commander, 425th Fighter Squadron, Ariz., 1996-98

* Various military assignments in U.S., Germany, and Republic of Korea, 1978-96

Community Service (prior to or within PebbleCreek):

* Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education outreach, 2018-19

* Member, Edwards Air Force Base Civilian-Military Support Group, 2014-17

* Chairman, Alaska Civil-Military Aviation Council, 2005-07

* Non-voting board member, Flight Test Historical Foundation, 2003-05

Platform Summary:

* Dedicated to keeping PebbleCreek a great place to live and play … now and into the future.

Priorities and Goals for the PebbleCreek Board of Directors:

* In addition to sustaining and improving wherever possible the community’s services, amenities, and financial stability, I believe initiating the strategic planning for the transition of the PebbleCreek HOA from developer to full homeowner control is an essential priority for 2021. Although this transition may not occur for some years, early transition planning will be absolutely necessary for a seamless and successful conversion.

Reasons Why Residents Should Vote for Me:

My wife, Ada, and I moved to PebbleCreek in August 2019, and we are enjoying being members of this active community. Although I am a relative newcomer to PebbleCreek, I believe I bring a wide range of applicable experience as a candidate for this community’s HOA board. Throughout my military and federal government career, I have held numerous leadership roles for large organizations and government installations. Most recently, as the associate director for one of NASA’s research centers, I was the management authority for an annual operating budget of over $60 million and directed services in support of an 1,100-person workforce and 870-acre industrial complex. These services included contracting, facilities maintenance and engineering, human resources, security, public affairs and internal audits, to name a few. While in this role, I was a key member of NASA’s strategic planning team that developed a multi-year realignment to streamline services across NASA’s nine research and space flight centers, supporting its 17,000 employees and 60,000 contractors. If you are interested in additional biographical information about me, you can do a Google search for Jack Gregory NASA and/or Jack Gregory AFFTC.

I anticipate there are a number of hot button issues of interest to some homeowners, and I currently may not be familiar with them all. I also realize today’s issues, over time, will be replaced by those which are beyond our immediate horizon. However, I have found from experience the fundamental elements of problem solving and decision making remain constant and, if followed, can lead to a suitable outcome for any issue.

Regardless of today’s or tomorrow’s issues, my guiding principles always will be to maintain and, wherever possible, improve the quality of life for the PebbleCreek community and its homeowners. I sincerely appreciate your consideration for this important community position, and if elected, I will do my utmost to be a good steward of your trust.

Alan Hoxie

PebbleCreek resident since 2014

Educational Background: LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY, Labor Relations Degree

Professional Background:

* SEIU as labor negotiator and administrative grievance rep, 1970s

* Syracuse University, Labor Relations Dept., 1980s

* AR Hoxie Consultants. Devised Personnel Handbooks for small non-union companies and handled day-to-day HR activities for these companies on an as needed basis, 1990s

* Allstate Insurance Agent, 1995-2000

* Town Mayor-Town of Onondaga N.Y., 1998-2002

* New York State—Office of Community Development—Syracuse

* Grant monitoring for 45 non-profits, cities, and towns which received federal funds for senior programs, housing rehabilitation, and mortgage assistance. Upper NYS from Binghamton to the Vermont border, 2002-2010

Community Service (prior to or within PebbleCreek):

* President of Camelback Greens HOA for six years and on the board for eight.

Platform Summary:

* Experienced in governance, keep Rules and Regulations reasonable, ensure the value of your home.

Priorities & Goals for the PebbleCreek Board of Directors:

* We have a sufficient reserve fund without the need for a special assessment, and that is because of good past management. I would like to see it stay this way without a need for any increase in assessments.

Reasons Why Residents Should Vote for Me:

I have been active here the past six years and recently bought a home over by the ballpark with my fiancé Marilyn. I am running because there is a negative perception of an HOA, that at one time I must admit was shared by me. The purpose of any HOA is to ensure the value and integrity of your home and neighborhood, by enforcing certain rules and regulations contained in the CC&Rs.

It is important, however, that these rules and regulations be reasonable and necessary and not an undue burden on homeowners. It has been my experience that PebbleCreek has been fair and reasonable, and I would want to ensure that it remains that way.

Chandy Karlen

PebbleCreek resident since 2013

Educational Background: University of Louisville

Professional Background:

* 40 years senior management with JC Penney

Community Service (prior to or within PebbleCreek):

* CASH (Community Action for Self Help) Seattle, Wash. Organization to help people wanting to go into business for themselves.

* Unit Rep committee in PebbleCreek

Platform Summary:

* Today: Pickleball project completion

* Tomorrow: Food and Beverage potential

* Day After Tomorrow: Transition to resident control

Reasons Why Residents Should Vote for Me:

While each of us has a particular focus that we value most in this community—be it golf, pickleball, tennis—mine has always been the Food and Beverage operation and how we can maximize the potential Food & Beverage could offer. Now that we are about 85% built out towards our eventual population of about 11,000 people, we may be at a point where we can determine what hours, menus, etc., that we can support, giving our residents the types of experiences that they find most desirable. Once we are on the other side of the pandemic, and F&B becomes normalized, we may be in a position to try some new formats.

The latest information is that the new pickleball project is currently under review and consideration by the city of Goodyear attorney and planning departments. I look forward to supporting the project and seeing it through to completion.

Our transition from a developer-run HOA to a homeowner-run HOA must occur by September 2027. It is likely that the transition will occur prior to that, possibly in the 2024-25 time frame. RCI will advise us of a date roughly three years prior to that date, which will give us the opportunity to do the planning and research necessary. It is possible that a three-year head start could occur in a year or so.

Most organizations have succession planning to ensure continuity. We had a Unit Rep committee, a Finance committee, a Strategic Planning committee; all of which were dissolved. The only committees left are ALC, Rules, Election, and Golf. All of which have very specific functions. I would like to see us form a new SPC or advisory committee at the three-year-out mark. This would give us the opportunity to give interested people the opportunity to participate in the transition process, advise the board, and develop future board members.

Bob Paine

PebbleCreek resident since 2016

Educational Background: Syracuse University

Professional Background:

* 35 years of restaurant executive experience in marketing, operations, and general management at Pizza Hut, IHOP, DQ, and Papa John’s. Also served as Director of Marketing for the Arizona Lottery and Senior VP Marketing for Jiffy Lube’s largest regional franchise.

Community Service:

* Junior Achievement of Arizona; State Board of Directors 2011-2016, Classroom Teacher 2010-2020

* City of Goodyear, Citizens Rate Review Committee 2020 (Water, Sewer, and Wastewater Rates)

* Graduate, Goodyear Citizens Academy 2016

* Strategic Planning Committee 2015-16 (Chairman 2016)

* Community Enhancement Fee Study Group 2016, 2018

* Rules Committee 2018-2020

Platform Summary:

* Advocate for Homeowners

* Strategic Thinker

* Experienced Restaurant Executive

Reasons Why Residents Should Vote for Me:

Since I retired in 2014, I have volunteered wherever I can to help make PebbleCreek the best possible community. I’ve had the privilege of serving on the PebbleCreek Strategic Planning Committee, the Rules Committee, and I was part of the team that developed and gained approval of the Community Enhancement Fund. I want to continue my service to the PebbleCreek community, and now I am a candidate for the HOA Board of Directors.

Donna and I have had an extraordinary life journey. We’ve been married for 45 years, raised three children, and have six grandchildren. We’ve lived in 11 states, and both of us have worked for some of America’s great companies. In 1995, we extended a business trip to Arizona into a short vacation and right then and there decided this was the place for us. We spent the next 10 years visiting at all times of the year. Finally, in 2006, we purchased our home and have lived full time at PebbleCreek since 2008.

Here are some things you can expect me to champion if I am your choice for the HOA Board:

* I will listen to your concerns and be the voice of the homeowners. Communication and availability are of the utmost importance to me.

* I will encourage the board to adopt a strategic plan that develops spending priorities for the Community Enhancement Fund and addresses the future transition of the HOA to homeowner control.

* I will work within the operating plan to find operating efficiencies in all areas, starting with the food and beverage group. I can offer my 35 years of experience in the restaurant business.

* I will strongly support the PC golf program and make sure our flagship resource is maintained to the highest standards. Golf communities are an increasingly competitive business, and we need to make sure our facilities continue to delight our players and create the backdrop for our beautiful community. Golf supports and impacts the property values of all homeowners.

* I’ll work with HOA management to make sure that the safety and security of our homeowners remains a top of mind concern.

I’m excited about the future at PebbleCreek. I’ve been proud to have lived here for 14 years and look forward to continue serving the community. A big part of that service is listening, and I want to start by listening to what is on your mind. Please contact me at bobpaine888@gmail.com.