2nd annual Pottery Club “slip” party highlights

Jeff Wilson

Slip is liquefied clay and it is the glue that holds pottery projects together. Because it is just as easy to make a lot of slip as it is to make a little, pottery club volunteers gather in December to make slip for all classes and all club members for the following year.

Slip making is but one of the ways club members contribute to the club. Several members teach classes throughout the year. Others contribute assistance and advice to those who need it on open studio days. And others have contributed tools and equipment for other’s use.

The pottery club generally offers between two and four classes each month and open studio hours are available daily seven days a week.

Look for pottery club sponsored classes including sculpture, pottery, floral design and non-objective abstract painting sign-up sheets each month in the Expressions Gallery in the Creative Arts Center. Also, check out the display windows outside the pottery room to see projects made by the talented artists in PebbleCreek.