TTT Chapter P Approaches New Year with Gratitude and Optimism

Sandy Hoffman

All of us have had our fill with the current issues facing us each day. We would like to invite the community to join us as we turn our thoughts to positivity. We are grateful for the small things in our lives, such as a wave or smile from a friend not yet met, the ability to get out and about whether walking, biking, or cruising in our golf carts, receiving a text message from someone we haven’t heard from in a while, the clear blue sky we see nearly every day, and the smell of freshly mown grass near the clubhouses to mention just a smidgen. The blessings are endless. We are grateful for the tremendous privilege of living in a resort community such as ours, to enjoy the safety of it, the gorgeous sunsets, and the opportunity to welcome new neighbors and help old ones.

Our readers may wonder what happened to the girls who were selected to attend the 2020 summer week-long camp. We are hopeful there will be a camp for them in 2021 and have set aside the money raised to send them at that time. Meanwhile, our amazing and tireless camp chairperson, Christy Zemke, is keeping in touch with Michael Anderson School and our ten campers. She will see how we can make a difference in their lives during this school year, as we await the ending of this extraordinary time.

TTT Chapter P is excited about making a difference in ways we may not have considered before. As a PebbleCreek organization, we are disappointed not to be able to sell and distribute poinsettias this year to all the individuals and the Robson Administrative Office. These people have generously supported the campers in this way. In the meantime, we continue to meet monthly and are currently focusing on our January butter braid sale. We plan to sell and distribute them in a safe and efficient manner. We will provide more information concerning this in the next couple of months, so look to the PebbleCreek Post for future updates. From the TTT Chapter P sisters to each one of you, we thank you for your support and encouragement and ask that you be a shining light of positivity. It can be contagious!