Three Eagles for the Bunker Boys

Gordon Seaman

May proved to be a great golfing month for three members of The Bunker Boys golf group, who all scored eagles on PebbleCreek courses.

First, new Bunker Boy member, Roger LeBlanc, shot a fairway wood from 178 yards for his second shot on Eagle’s Nest hole 6, the number one handicap hole on the course. All eyes were on the ball as it bounced onto the green and trickled into the hole. “I think Roger’s eagle on hole 6 is one for the record books,” commented PebbleCreek golf pro, Ronnie Decker. “I’m not aware of it ever happening before!”

Next to watch the eagle fly was Dick Atwater, who shot onto the green and into hole 4 on the West Course. Not content with scoring an eagle, Dick made a birdie on the next hole for an exhilarating round over all.

Finally, Tim Lynch scored an eagle on Eagle’s Nest hole 13, the 445-yard par 5, during the Bunker Boys’ monthly tournament in May.

“The pros go about 144 holes between eagles,” noted Decker. “That is the equivalent of two tournaments. So, while it happens fairly regularly on tour it is hard to get one as an amateur. There are estimated to be about 150,000 holes-in-one per year among amateurs and pros (these are considered as an eagle, 2 under par). Don’t think anyone can count how many eagles, other than aces, there even are. Considering there are hundreds of billions of holes played each year it is a small number that gets an eagle—so the Bunker Boys are definitely on a roll.”

Congratulations, gentlemen, on some great golfing!