The Women’s Giving Circle Is Looking Forward to a Full Year

Tina Conde, Avondale City Council Member and President of the Friends of SWFAC; Willa Kravitz, TWGC President; and Reem George, Director of SWFAC (photo by Dana West)

Willa Kravitz

It’s been an exciting summer for The Women’s Giving Circle (TWGC), topped off by an enthusiastic group at TWGC Annual Fall Meeting. Thanks to the leadership of Barbara McMahon and Susan Fallon we were able to gather provisions and pack 200 teen backpacks for the Southwest Family Advocacy Center (SWFAC). Reem George, Director of SWFAC, and Tina Conde, Avondale City Council Member and President of the Friends of SWFAC, spoke at our September meeting and thanked us for our contributions.

Our members’ drive for toiletry items to benefit Agua Fria Food Bank was a huge success. TWGC formed a team that participated in the West Valley Alzheimer’s Walk on Oct. 15.

New this year, TWGC is going to have member-hosted happy hours on Nov. 10. They will be friendly get-togethers in various homes throughout the community so members can get together socially and get to know a bit more about who we are and what we do. If you are a member of TWGC club and are interested in joining us for the happy hour, please contact Mary Flynn [email protected].

On the afternoon of Jan. 26, 2023, we are going to have the premier of a special event called “Date With A Plate.” We have a super committee working together to plan this afternoon event. It will be a fundraiser to raise important funds for a non-profit that addresses hunger in the West Valley. People will volunteer to be “exhibitors” of beautifully displayed tables. Like the house tours, you will be asked to pay a fee to tour the splendid tables that will be set by gracious PebbleCreekers. There will also be a silent auction of food service pieces donated by various artists who work in the PC Art Center.

If you would like more information about TWGC, please send an email to [email protected].