The Butter Braids Are Coming! The Butter Braids Are Coming!

Sandy Hoffman

Greetings PebbleCreek friends! If you have ordered a Butter Braid pastry, you won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy this delicious treat. Delivery will happen on Saturday, March 6. A T.T.T. member will contact you before delivering your Butter Braids. If a friend or neighbor didn’t get to order, why not invite them over to your patio for coffee and a sample? Thank you to all who purchased Butter Braids to support the underprivileged fourth grade campers! T.T.T. Chapter P, along with the campers, is grateful for your generous contributions.

While we have been selling and ordering Butter Braids, other exciting events are taking place in spite of COVID. Committee groups are meeting to brainstorm ideas of alternative ways to connect with and help the girls. We are currently investigating what the Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley may have to benefit the girls while waiting for the camps to reopen. Another group is looking into taking the girls on a hike to explore some of our beautiful trails in the area. As we wait to return to a more normal way of life, our combined experiences and creativity are generating all sorts of possibilities.

We look forward to installing and welcoming another new member this month! Two additional women have inquired about the organization and are interested in joining us. We are over the moon! T.T.T. Chapter P is alive and well and continues to look ahead with optimism.

Blessings to all from T.T.T. Chapter P. Please don’t forget, Chapter P is for Poinsettia and Butter Braids!