Thank You, PebbleCreek

School supplies donated by PebbleCreek residents.

Arlene Banfield

From July 1 through 15, the Just Folks Fundraising Committee conducted a Teacher Supply Drive to fulfill its commitment of collecting and distributing much-needed school supplies to two educational facilities.

The donated supplies included college and wide ruled paper, reams of copy paper, No. 2 pencils and pens, hand sanitizers, pocket folders, spiral bound notebooks, dry erase markers, disinfecting wipes, tissue paper, and crayons. The supplies will be given to Southwest Valley YMCA and Avondale Elementary School.

Special thanks to the PebbleCreek community for supporting and contributing to this campaign. Kudos to Jacqueline Blake-Broughton and Brenda Early for their purposeful and coordinated work in reaching the Just Folks fundraising goal for year 2023.