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A night at the Renaissance: The Best of the Best

Dance Fusion

Laurie Farquhar The Best of the Best: That is what PebbleCreek audiences will enjoy during this fall’s spectacular variety show being produced by the four performing arts clubs. A Night at the Renaissance, which is a fundraiser for the Build the Backstage campaign, will showcase highlights from productions by PC Players, ShowTime, PC Singers and…

PebbleCreek Live On Stage

The PAC Backstage Expansion team introduces the Build the Backstage thermometer to chart the heat generating the fundraising goal of $100,000. Left to right: Jeff Buda, Carolyn Weese, Bill Palmer and Ray Hadden

The PC Musicians are the first Diamond Donors The Build the Backstage Benefit in May was one of those PebbleCreek perfect events. We have been to them over the years: beautiful room, delicious food, a fun and friendly crowd, outstanding toe tapping entertainment (by The Arizona Trio) and more. The Performing Arts Council, composed of…