Special Events for the PCM9GA

“Best Ken” Mark Eichkorn with a bevy of “Barbies” (photo by Ken Whitney)

Ken Whitney

Three special events occupied the PebbleCreek Men’s Nine-Hole Golf Association (PCM9GA) in April. Kicking off the month was a mixer between the Men’s and Lady’s Nine Holers with a “Ken and Barbie Golf Party” theme on April 11. The golf format was a scramble on the Tuscany Falls West course, with two from each club making up the foursomes. There were also prizes awarded for the best “Ken” and “Barbie” attire.

There were four flights, two on each nine. The back-nine “A” flight was won by the foursome of David French, Sue French, Tim Munson, and Lana May. Sam Ellis, Dale Ellis, Duane Scott, and Pat Jensen took top honors on the back-nine “B” flight. The “C” flight on the front nine was captured by Mike Hurst, Cindy Hurst, Steve Roseman, and Tracy Hurley, while the team of Erv Stein, Donna Frole, Barb Mussman, and Bob Spano won the “D” flight.

Golfers gathered in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom for after-golf appetizers and beverages. The “Best Ken” was awarded to Mark Eichkorn, whose charming costume was apparently a collaboration between his wife Laurie and daughter Heidi.

On April 22 the PCM9GA journeyed to Sun City Grand for a mixer with the Sun City Men’s Nine-Holers. Lunch preceded a four-man scramble (two from each club) on the Desert Springs Course. Top honors for the frontnine flight went to William Large and Robert Klein, while Jim Webb and Dave Petersen finished in second place. On the back-nine flight John Brown and Steve Schwartz claimed first place, with Joe Oliver and Ken Whitney coming in second. Beverages and camaraderie followed golf.

The final event of April was a team shamble held on Tuscany Falls East on April 25. In the shamble format the best drive of the foursome is used, and each team member plays his own ball to the hole. Scoring takes into account the three low net scores on par 5s, the two low net scores on par 4s, and the low net score on par 3s.

Fred Schmidt, Bob Geiges, Ronald Devine, and Don Wheeler captured the front-nine flight, with Tom LeChaix, Bill Prater, William Wagner, and Donald Burrows claiming the title for the back-nine flight.

Good luck to the newly elected PCM9GA Board of Directors who take office on June 1.