Rovin’ Pebbles RV Club goes to White Tanks Regional Park

The Loos and the Bolons

Twenty one members in twelve rigs met at White Tanks Regional Park on November 3 for a six day excursion. The group enjoyed a welcoming potluck dinner followed by fellowship over a nice campfire. The campsites were spacious and came with breathtaking views of the city and surrounding mountains, beautiful sunrises and sunsets plus the serenity of the Arizona desert.

The next morning was filled by a hosted tour of the histories and current activities at Goodyear Airport. Ryan Reeves, the GM at Lux Air, enthusiastically drove the group in two separate van trips around the entire airport while sharing numerous facts and figures about the airport and its many airplanes. We learned about the creation of the airport by Mr. Paul Litchfield, the build-up and staging of thousands of combat airplanes during WWII and the current commercial use of the airport such as flight training, charters, storage, reclamation, etc. After a luncheon at Dillon’s and some private time, the evening began with a happy hour followed by a campfire, a routine that would repeat through the week.

Wednesday was a YOYO day (You’re On Your Own). There were a number of potential activities at the park for our club members. As the White Tank Park was close to home, club members were able to attend to their personal business such as doctors’ appointments during the campout. After dinner we created desserts by toasting wadingers around the campfire. A wadinger was biscuit dough wrapped around a stick with a long handle and toasted over an open fire. The toasted wadinger was then slipped off the stick and filled with apple or cherry pie fillings. Topping off with whipped cream and a cherry were options.

Thursday morning was the sunrise walk with the Park Ranger at 6:45 a.m. The afternoon found us at the Mystery Mansion in Phoenix for a guided tour. A father had moved to Phoenix from Seattle, Washington, due to his tuberculosis condition. Unbeknownst to his wife and daughter, he then spent 15 years building a sandcastle which he had previously promised his daughter. There are 13 fireplaces and 18 rooms. The wife and daughter inherited the property upon his death. They later turned it into a world famous attraction to fund the mansion’s continuance.

Friday evening was our Star Gazing session orchestrated by Stargazing For Everyone, LLC. With the aid of their 9, 12 and 16 inch telescopes, we gazed at many planets, stars and neighboring galaxies. The vast expanse in terms of light years and extraordinary time spans can sure make one feel minuscule.

It was a great trip that was close to home with plenty to do and great people to travel with.