Prayer Shawl Ministry through PebbleCreek Community Church

Tasnim Raza, Jeanne Schimmelpfennig, Sue Trampel, Patricia Martin, Lyda Evers

Tasnim Raza, Jeanne Schimmelpfennig, Sue Trampel, Patricia Martin, Lyda Evers

Jeanne Schimmelpfennig

About three years ago, after retiring, I was doing my morning devotions and prayed for direction in my life in making contributions to our PebbleCreek Community. I jotted down “prayer shawls.” Within 30 minutes one of my good friends called and asked me if I would help her finish a prayer shawl. What an answer to prayers!

Several women at PebbleCreek Community Church (PCCC) knit and crochet so I asked them to join in what is now our Prayer Shawl Ministry. I also asked other friends outside of PCCC to join us. After we decided to make prayer shawls, the next question was what to do with them. My previous husband was a cancer patient and he was cared for by Hospice of the Valley. I sent an email to see if there was a need for prayer shawls. The morning of our first meeting, I received a phone call from Pat Felton with Hospice of the Valley and she was thrilled to have a group of women making prayer shawls for them. God’s timing is always right!

Hospice of the Valley has around 1800 patients at this time. Of these patients, 55% have no family or anyone to visit with them. The shawls that we contribute provide patients with warmth and comfort and show love from people who don’t even know them. We attach a card to each shawl that has a prayer on it. Because of this prayer card our shawls have been accepted at a long-term healthcare facility that didn’t accept shawls before now.

Our prayer shawl group meets in my home the second Thursday of each month from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. My address is 3902 N. 162nd Lane. At our monthly meeting we share shawl patterns and laughter. We have lots of patterns for knitting and crocheting. We also have yarn to get you started on your prayer shawl. All are welcome to join us. For more information call me, Jeanne Schimmelpfennig, at 317-509-2485 or write me at [email protected].