Pottery Club Annual Slip Party

Jeff Wilson

Once a year, Pottery/Sculpture Club volunteers gather to make clay slip for use by all club members throughout the year.

Clay slip is simply clay that has had water added and then blended to the consistency of Elmer’s glue. Club members use slip when making hand-built projects to glue pieces together. It is a necessary material when working with pottery but a hassle to make in small batches, so, as a convenience to our members, several quarts are made once a year and made available on an as-needed basis to all members.

This year’s volunteers included Becky and Peter Kirk and Terry and Jeff Wilson.

The Pottery/Sculpture Club offers a variety of classes taught by several talented artists living in PebbleCreek. Watch for class announcements on the egroup.

Please check out our display case outside the pottery room in the Creative Arts Center to see examples of art made by club members. Also, stop by the Expressions Gallery to see the beautiful art created by your PebbleCreek neighbors.