Pottery and Sculpture Club: Julie De Simone

Julie De Simone with her “Little House on the Prairie” buildings

Julie De Simone is new to making pottery but she hasn’t let that hold her back. Julie came to the Creative Arts Center looking to join any paper crafting group since she has been a Memory Keeper for 25 years.

While looking around the pottery studio, she was taken by Gordon Cooper’s sculpting of a bald eagle. Another potter, Dennis Carter, introduced her to his Fairy Garden, which reinforced in her the potential for building with clay.

A self-professed “Little House on the Prairie” nerd, for her first attempt, she has taken on a huge project—creating a Little House on the Prairie vignette. When completed, it will consist of six separate main buildings, and she’s considering expanding into the surrounding area of Walnut Grove.

Julie is also working on a totem pole, which will represent all the things about which she is passionate. Julie has always loved creating, regardless of the medium. For her next project, she expects to be making pottery flowers.

As a semi-retired podiatrist from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Julie spends three months of the year in PebbleCreek and is looking forward to full retirement when she can spend even more time in the Creative Arts Center.