Pinochle results

Skip Holmes

Since we had January’s weather in February it was a good idea to stay inside and play Pinochle. And play Pinochle we did. We filled the room every night.

February Winners

February 1st

1st Place: Bill McLinden 7,340

2nd Place: Illene Hodgdon 6,800

3rd Place: Julius Armstrong 6,490

Booby Prize Beverly Hume 3,120

February 8th

1st Place: Mary Anne Chamberlin 7,050

2nd Place: Bill McLinden 6,990

3rd Place: Lary Soper 6,800

Booby Prize Bill Hodgdon 3,920

February 15th

1st Place: Joan Wallon 6,770

2nd Place: Loretta Morris 6,380

3rd Place: Bob Gilman 6,050

Booby Prize Rich Rugg 3,490

February 22nd

1st Place: Beverly Hume 6,740

2nd Place: Mary Ann Szakacs 6,540

3rd Place: Bill Hodgdon 6,210

Booby Prize Illene Hodgdon 3,200

Short month, short report, but not short on fun. Come join us. We are their every Thursday night at the Tuscany clubhouse 6:30 sharp. Don’t be late.