Pickleball Players Are Winners in Local AAU Tournament

Cynthia Schwartz

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs in the United States. The AAU philosophy is “Sports For All, Forever,” and includes pickleball in the list of 44 sports that it supports.

The AAU recently sponsored a pickleball tournament, the AAU Pickleball All Ages and Skills plus The Road to the AAU Junior Olympic Games. Held in Surprise, the tournament offered events for ages 7 to 99. This non-sanctioned tournament attracted players from PebbleCreek. It included matches in skill/age and also senior categories. PebbleCreek club members won 30 medals in 12 categories.

Ellie Love won four medals in mixed doubles and women’s doubles, including two gold, one silver, and one bronze. She commented, “It was really fun to get back on the courts for safe tournament play after all the cancellations due to COVID-19.”

Lezlee Leonardi partnered with Jeff Antrican. Lezlee said, “Jeff has been my mixed doubles partner for over a year now. Communication on the courts is one of our strengths, and he’s always very supportive and encouraging. I enjoyed playing in this tournament to support the AAU Junior Olympics. Lots of Creekers played, and the support from our friends and neighbors was amazing!”

Patti Holden commented, “When I saw the AAU tournament was going to be in Surprise, I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I had a blast with friends and family all cheering us on. And, at the same time, it was nerve-wracking.”

Below are the results for PebbleCreek club members:

Men’s Doubles SENIOR 3.5, Age 50-59

Gold: Jeff Antrican and Steve Tamparo

Silver: Richard Holden and Mark Hohnbaum

Men’s Doubles 3.5, Age Under 50

Silver: Marty Aalto and Greg Aalto*

Mixed Doubles SENIOR 3.0, Age 50-69

Silver: Patti Holden and Richard Holden

Mixed Doubles SENIOR 3.0, Age 70+

Gold: BJ Brumback and John Brumback

Silver: Kathy Aalto and Jack Fink

Mixed Doubles SENIOR 3.0, Age/Skill 50-60

Silver: Patti Holden and Rich Holden

Mixed Doubles SENIOR 3.5, Age 50-59

Bronze: Lezlee Leonardi and Jeff Antrican

Mixed Doubles SENIOR, 3.5, Age 60+

Gold: Ellie Love and Marty Aalto

Women’s Doubles SENIOR 3.0

Silver: Lori Poppe and Patti Holden

Bronze: Kathy Aalto and Pam Cagle

Women’s Doubles SENIOR 3.5

Silver: Ellie Love and Leslie Plant*

Skill/Age Matches

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Under 50

Bronze: Ellie Love and John Donovan

Womens Doubles SENIOR 3.0 Over 50

Silver: Lori Poppe and Patti Holden

Bronze: Kathy Aalto and Pam Cagle

Womens Doubles 3.5 Under 50

Gold: Ellie Love and Leslie Plant*

Bronze: Cynthia Schwartz and Beth Castle*

*Non-PebbleCreek club members

Congratulations PebbleCreek club members!