Pet of the Month: Peanut Is Just About Perfect



Jim Ellison, President

Hello! My name is Peanut, but I am not sure why. I am certainly not peanut sized, but I guess maybe I was when I was a puppy. I have just recently taken up residence with Holly Carrier.

I am a male Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and I am two years old. Unfortunately, because of the “mix,” I don’t have the trademark fur ridge on my back. Other than that, I am just about perfect. My former owners were in the military, and they were forced to relinquish me because they were deployed overseas.

My predecessor, Kobie, died in May, and I know my new mom was very sad about it. I am trying very hard to fill Kobie’s place in Holly’s heart, and I think I am making some progress, aside from chewing up three pairs of shoes and several of my toys. I am fairly large, but I have a wonderful, calm, and gentle disposition. I understand several commands, but whether or not I choose to obey them is another thing entirely. I settled in very quickly, and hid my desire to chew things up until I was pretty sure I had secured my place in the household.

I share the home with Annie, a little moppy dog that belongs to Holly’s mother, Lil Goldman. I want to play with her, but I think she is a little spooked because of my size. She is pretty cute, and we get along fine, but she isn’t very interested in frolicking with me, since I could flatten her with one swipe. Hopefully, we will be playmates someday.

Update: since chewing up the shoes, I have now graduated to the TV remote and four pairs of Holly’s reading glasses. But she still loves me! I think I am going to like it here!