Pet of the Month – December 2014

Call me Princess!

I’m called Princess. Most of the time Bill and Kay Jarrett (my people) think whoever named me had a very loose grip on reality. Maybe that’s because they didn’t know me when I was tiny. I’m a rescue dog. My early life was rough and tumble enough to make me leery of strangers and very protective of what I’m beginning to believe might really be my forever home, with my very own forever family. Where I came from you have to be tough!

I’m twelve pounds of white and tan terrier mix. A big twelve pounds, I might add, as I’m as full of noise and energy as the rules allow in my house. I’m everywhere, into everything, and always carry around a favorite toy or chew stick. I can spend all day hiding treasures and they’re still there when I go back to move them to the next better place I’ve found! I can’t believe that I have more than one toy and more than one pillow that belong just to me!

I might not be a fragile, dainty Princess but I’m really, really smart! I’ve been in my forever home a year and a half and am still surprising my people with what I can do and what I remember. I’m still working on manners (I’m afraid of folks I don’t know because I think they might hurt me, or worse, take me away) and I’m trying very hard not to bark overmuch at things that startle me. I’ve made new friends and met some people I think I can trust. I can lie outside in the sun in my back yard and come back into the house whenever I want.

But best of all, I have my people who calm my fears, tell me patiently what I’m supposed to do as many times as I need to hear it and who love me. My favorite time of the day is any time I can curl up next to one (or both!) of my people, close my eyes and be safe. Forever!

So if you meet me walking with Bill or riding along in our golf cart, please talk to me. It may take me some time to warm up to you, but new friends are getting easier to make and I need the practice. Even if I am a Princess!