PCSSA 2022 Spring Season Coming to a Close

Fred Dresser

The 2022 spring season for the PebbleCreek Senior Softball Association (PCSSA) will end on Saturday, June 4, as the temps start their climb to the triple digits. The season started on April 5, as eight teams took to the field to play their first games of a 21-game season. For many of the players, these games were in addition to the 40-plus games that they played during the fall/winter season.

For those of you who may not understand why a group of individuals would play a game that requires constant physical activity as the temperatures rise, one needs to understand that they play for the love of the game.

Yes, the spring season is almost over, however, schoolyard pickup games for registered players are next on the agenda. These games allow players to experiment playing a different position. Needless to say, some of these experiments … no comment!

The only thing for sure is that it’s going to be a hot time on the ballfield!