PCMGA Tourney: Schunke & Schwartz Do It Again!

PCMGA Member/Guest Flight Winners, left to right: Bob Coats, Martin Lerum, Dan Falagrady, Dave Green, Larry Dick, Chris Cralle, Willy John, Cliff Kreuscher, Kelly Schunke, Paul Schwartz, Ed Hagstrom, and Gary Lopez

PCMGA Member/Guest Group Winners

PCMGA Member/Guest Overall Winners Paul Schwartz (left) and Kelly Schunke

Howie Tiger

Kelly Schunke and Paul Schwartz were the overall winners of the 2024 PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association (PCMGA) 27th annual Member/Guest Tournament. They had previously won in 2022. The tourney was held on April 24, 25, and 26, playing the East and West courses at Tuscany Falls. One hundred and four 2-man teams competed in a match play format.

There were three groups within each of the six flights. Over the three days, teams played against each of the other five teams in their respective group (In two flights, teams played against each of the other four teams and once against par). A point was awarded for each hole won. An additional point was also awarded for winning the match. The highest number of accumulated points for all five matches won their group.

Group Winners

Flight A: Group 1—Dave Green/Dan Falagrady, Group 2—Dave Flynn/Gus Zuccaro, Group 3—Kurt Fischer/Jeffrey Fischer

Flight B: Group 4—Bill McKinney/Brian Czerniak, Group 5—Willy John/Cliff Kreuscher, Group 6—Harold Erker/Grant Erker

Flight C: Group 7—Dale McGrath/Joel Reitz, Group 8—Martin Lerum/Bob Coates, Group 9—Monte Page/Geoff Gehrke

Flight D: Group 10—Ron Shrum/Hogan Shrum, Group 11—Larry Dick/Chris Cralle, Group 12—Joe Little/Bill Vickery

Flight E: Group 13—Art Krudener/Eric Krudener, Group 14—Kelly Schunke/Paul Schwartz, Group 15—Jan Cralle/Noah Cralle

Flight F: Group 16—Ed Hagstrom/Gary Lopez, Group 17—Jim Tratz/Rocky Ross, Group 18—Tom Tjoelker/Paul Capell

Of note is that three generations of Cralles were group winners!

A playoff process using an alternate shot format determined the flight winners as well as overall winners. Initially, the three group-winning teams in each flight competed in a two-hole shootout on the front nine of the West course. The winning team from each flight then advanced to the finals to compete in a three-hole shootout on the 9th hole to determine the overall winner.

The 9th green was surrounded by spectators eager to see the flight winners compete in the pressure packed finals. The following teams competed: Green/Falagrady (A), John/Kreuscher (B), Lerum/Coates (C), Dick/Cralle (D), Schunke/Schwartz (E), and Hagstrom/Lopez (F).

The first hole of the finals played 365 yards from the blue tee. The John/Kreuscher and Hagstrom/Lopez teams were eliminated as they failed to score a 4/net 4 like the other four teams.

The second hole of the finals was played from a distance of 139 yards. The Green/Falagrady and Lerum/Coates teams were eliminated as they failed to score a 3 like the teams of Dick/Cralle and Schunke/Schwartz.

The final playoff hole was played from a distance of 80 yards. Larry Dick hit it left and short of the green. Paul Schwartz hit a spectacular shot to within two feet. The Dick/Cralle team failed to make a 3 and conceded the two-footer for another Schunke/Schwartz overall win.

Congratulations to all the group winners and especially Kelly and Paul!

Many thanks to the Pro Shop staff and all the volunteers for all their hard work.