PCMGA Celebrates Past Presidents at Tourney

PCMGA past presidents, left to right: Ed Stadjuhar, Jim Bundschuh, Steve Straley, Bud Held, John Krasnan, Jim Sheard, Jerry Treece, Gregg Clymer, Paul Metivier, Pete Gilbert, and John Abercrombie

Howie Tiger

On April 11 the PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association (PCMGA) held a four-man team Stableford Points tournament where past PCMGA presidents were recognized for their service over the years. To date there have been 26 men who have served as president, three of whom have served two terms. The term runs from June 1 to May 31.

Past presidents starting from 1994: Norm Ehren, Joe Manzi, Jim Bundschuh (2), Jim Snyder, George Kingman, Dick Rasmussen, Duane Homan (2), Ed Kisner, Paul Metivier, Gregg Clymer, Ken Schmitz, Steve Straley, Bruce Carlyle, Ron Hansen, Pete Gilbert, Robert Williams, Jerry Monk (2), Lyman Gallup, John Krasnan, Jerry Treece, Bud Held, Ed Stadjuhar, John Low, Jim Sheard, Ken Schumacher, and John Abercrombie.

Most not only served as president, but also served multiple years on the board holding other positions such as treasurer, secretary, or vice president.

Before the tourney commenced, the presidents in attendance received a round of applause from members as their names were announced. After golf, a celebratory lunch was served for them at Eagles Nest restaurant. The current president, Jack Stipp presided. They had a chance to share war stories and commiserate!

Members of the PCMGA are in debt to these gentlemen for all their time and effort making the PCMGA the great organization that it is. They work their butts off for our members!

Competition winners:

Flight 1: 1st placeDerek Pemberton, Rick Germaine, Steve Davies, and Forrest Artz; 2nd placeScott Carnahan, Greg Fisher, Keith Clinton, and Dave O’Sadnick; 3rd placeLarry Eckels, Todd Young, Duane Hagstrom, and Dale McGrath; 4th placeReuben Rivera, Sherman Leach, Mike Hargreaves, and Bruce Eggers; and 5th placeDoug Reese, Jack Schafer, Doug McFarland, and Brian Rosenbloom.

Flight 2: 1st placeArt Krudener, James Scoular, Barry Stauffer, and David Berg; 2nd placeSteve Tamparo, Jim Nowak, Gary Adams, and Dave Brown; 3rd placeMike Clune, Millard Smith, Tom Hume, and Victor VanHorn; 4th placeMike Daubenmier, Jeff Furnia, Roy Bridges, and Randy Kephart; and 5th placeBrian Kole, Mike McGue, Steven Elliott, and Gene Bruening.

Flight 3: 1st placeNorm Munger, Richard Holbeck, William McCabe, and Bob Wolf; 2nd placeTom Losquadro, Cort Wyss, Allan McCormack, and Larry Hartsook; 3rd placeBruce McMillen, Bill Matteucci, Pat Fallon, and John Angus; 4th placeBim Gupta, Brian Wagner, Randy Gardner, and George Nelson; and 5th placeAlbert Williams, Bill Baxter, Mike Mason, and Pat Brisnehan.

Congrats to all those who cashed. Many thanks to all our presidents!