PCLGA Survived the Kick-Off at the Creek!

Carole Schumacher

‘Survivor!’ was the theme for the PCLGA kickoff tournament in November when the goal was to outsmart, outlaugh, and out-fun each other. Ladies formed their own 4-person team to play a 2-net best ball tournament on the Tuscany Falls courses.

During the 18-hole round, several holes had challenges that the teams had to overcome in order to survive the hole—at the 18th green each team found out one of their players had been thrown off the island so their score could not be used.

Many creative team names were assigned and invented, with the best team names chosen by the PC Golf Pros: 1st place to Weapons of Grass Destruction (Anne Gaus, Jeanne Corn, Tina Fisher, and Ann Cousminer), 2nd place to the OBBOs—Old Broads Birdies Only (Renee Shellhorse, Theresa Pearson, MaryLou Furaus, and Tricia Martin), and 3rd place to the Medicare Survivors (Sharon Smith, Karin Smith, Susan Simons, and Pat DeMatties).

Some teams participated in the golf cart decorating in lieu of building a shelter! 1st place went to the Immunity Dolls (Linda Nathan, Carol Dick, Darleen Lockhart, and Denise Johnson), 2nd place to the River Brats (Teresa Christianson, Kathy Enegren, Michelle Cattin, and Joanne Pollock), and 3rd place to the Queens of the Jungle (Leslie Lowry, Nancy Moore, Chris Urbatchka, and Peggy Steffan).

The survivors of the six flights for the day were:

Flight One:

1st Place went to the Scorpion Eaters: Mary Pinski, Ellen Enright, Kathy Hubert-Wyss and Marilyn Reynolds. 2nd Place went to the Lucky Strokes: Mary Falso, Monica Lee, Vicki Ray, and Suzanne Kanaly. 3rd Place went to the Survivor Par then Bar team: Chanca Morrell, Liz Wenzler, Jana Cunningham, and Brenda Cook. 4th Place was the Pinaseka team: Andrea Dilger, Renee deLassus, Sarah Marsh, and Layne Sheridan.

Flight Two:

1st Place went to the Fore Friends: Lynda Bronzetti, Carolyn Apodaca, Lisa Reichert, and Jackie Goupil. 2nd Place went to the Bravehearts: Kathi Curtis, Debbie Sayre, Sharma Fleming, and Sandra Nielson. 3rd Place went to the River Brats: Kathy Enegren, Michelle Cattin, Joanne Pollock, and Teresa Christianson. 4th Place went to the Queens of the Jungle: Leslie Lowery, Chris Urbatchka, Nancy Moore, and Peggy Steffan.

Flight Three:

1st Place was a tie between Cadelasu: Suzanne Eleam, Denise Gardner, Carole Schumacher, and Laura Ebel), and Weapons of Grass Destruction: Jeanne Corn, Ann Cousminer, Tina Fisher, and Anne Gaus. 3rd place went to the Fab Four or Fore team: Nancy Fackelmann, Barb Guthier, Ingried Sigovich, and Carol Moore. There was also a 2-way tie for 4th place between Hokulei: Donna Havener, Judy Newell, Vicki Norrie, and Pam Volm; and We Drive On: Julie Chung, Barbara Economou, Cindy Sota, and Claudia Tiger.

Flight Four:

1st Place went to the Savage Sisters: Valerie Bobigian, Kathleen Nelson, Lynn Matousek, and Beverly Clinton. A tie for 2nd place went to the OBBOs—Old Broads Birdies Only: Renee Shellhorse, Theresa Pearson, MaryLou Furaus, and Tricia Martin, and Wat-de-Hel Tribe: June Proznik, Trish Wagner, Deb Smedley, and Sharon Temple. 4th place went to the Designated Drivers: Carole Escajeda, Jane Hee, Carolyn Suttles, and Alice Lewis.

Flight Five:

1st Place went to the Viper Vixens: Karen Stadjuhar, Kathy Foord (not pictured), Jeannie Alvarez, and Carol Taylor. 2nd place went to The Fearsome Tribe: Mary Harris, Amber Rivera, Barbara McKinney, and Cathy Schafer. The Last Team Standing: Chelli Fossen, Esther Frehner, Ruth Shaffer, and Sandra Rivera won 3rd place so they weren’t actually the last team standing! 4th place went to Mamajale: Jayne Dinan, Lynn Walkowski, Mary Petersen, and Mary Barry.

Flight Six:

1st place team was the Cactus Cowgirls: Catherine Numata, Mary Ann Smith, Kathleen Carney, and Sue White. 2nd place went to the Greenskeepers: Janell Jenson, Pamela Berg, Sari Hellsten, and Georgia Gamble. In 3rd place was the Immunity Gals: Diana Wolf, Carole Mathias, Arlene Engelbert, and Nancy Dusenbery. 4th place went to Steel-r Magnolias: Cheryl LaMotta, Jeannine Mayone, Jan Peterson, and Carol Hokaj.

Following the tournament, the survivors gathered for lunch at Eagle’s Nest to celebrate survival at the Creek and to strategize the upcoming 2022-23 PCLGA golf season.

Congratulations to all who survived the island!