PCLGA Member-Member Mardi Gras Tournament

From left: Chairwoman Pam Schunke, Mary Falso, Sarah Marsh, and Renee deLassus

From left: Chairwoman Pam Schunke, Mary Falso, Sarah Marsh, and Renee deLassus

Pam Volm (left) and Donna Havener

Pam Volm (left) and Donna Havener

Chairwoman Amber Rivera

Chairwoman Amber Rivera

Andrea Dilger (left) and Teresa Christianson

Andrea Dilger (left) and Teresa Christianson

Cindy Sota

The PCLGA held their annual Member-Member Tournament on March 2 and 3. Both the Tuscany Falls East and West courses were played.

The theme, Let the Good Times Roll, in the Mardi Gras setting, allowed the participants to display their creativity by decorating their carts and themselves with colorful masks, beads, and feather boas.

Flights 1, 3, 4, 8 played on the East Course on the 2nd and the West Course on the 3rd.

Flights 2, 5, 6, 7 played on the West Course on the 2nd and the East Course on the 3rd.

The format on the East Course was a modified alternating shot where each two-woman team teed off, the best drive was selected, and alternating shots from there on until the ball was holed out. The format on the West Course was a two-woman scramble with a three-drive minimum per player.

The two days couldn’t have been any different weather wise. On the 2nd, it was a sunny but breezy day. That was nothing compared to the 30-mile-an-hour wind on the 3rd! The saying “March is in like a lion, out like a lamb” refers to the wind in this instance. The lion’s roar was treacherous, especially on the front nine of the West Course, but the players showed their true mettle, as the scores were impressive!

Case in point, the team of Andrea Dilger and Teresa Christianson had five birdies for a gross 67! It was an amazing feat to witness. Way to play, Andrea and Teresa!

The payouts were as follows: 1st place team $80; 2nd place team $60; 3rd place team $36.

East/West Flights

Flight 1

T. Christianson-Dilger 1st Gross; M. Harris-Rivera 2nd Gross; Mitchell-Sears 3rd Gross

Hubert-Wyss-Patrow 1st Net; Enright-Reynolds 2nd Net; Kathy Smith-Tatro 3rd Net

Flight 3

Poturalski-Tiger 1st Gross; Bronzetti-Furaus 2nd Gross; Apodaca-Fix 3rd Gross

Fleming-Schafer 1st Net; Havener-Volm 2nd Net; Babbitt-Meyers 3rd Net

Flight 4

J. Christianson-May 1st Gross; Chung-Economou 2nd Gross; Guthier-Sigovich 3rd Gross

C. Moore-Rettman 1st Net; Chilton-Dinan 2nd Net; Hubbard-Urbatchka 3rd Net

Flight 8

J. Brown-Simons 1st Gross; S. Harris-Hee 2nd Gross; Robinson-Shaffer 3rd Gross

Stadjuhar-Tollefson 1st Net; Layton-Murray 2nd Net; Mendiola-Vohs 3rd Net

West/East Flights

Flight 2

Abercrombie-Weaver 1st Gross; Day-Newell 2nd Gross; N. Moore-Steffan 3rd Gross

D. Johnson-Slaughter 1st Net; Cattin-Curtis 2nd Net; Pierson-Reichert 3rd Net

Flight 5

Engelbert-Peterson 1st Gross; Fischer-Henderson 2nd Gross; Campbell-Kale 3rd Gross

Corn-Shellhorse 1st Net; Escajeda-Suttles 2nd Net; Chambers-Frehner 3rd Net

Flight 6

Grice-Temple 1st Gross; Mosley-Karin Smith 2nd Gross; Richards-T. Wagner 3rd Gross

Neeley-Pinski 1st Net; Gearig-Hunter 2nd Net; Greiner-Sanders 3rd Net

Flight 7

Hansen-Levanti 1st Gross; Holland-Smedley 2nd Gross; Coon-Lester 3rd Gross

Alvarez-Sweet 1st Net; Carney-White 2nd Net; Good-Wiederhold 3rd Net

Thanks to the tournament chairwomen, Amber Rivera and Pam Schunke, for spearheading such a fun event by providing all the course decorations and tasty snack bags. Thanks to all the volunteers as well. Your hard work is very much appreciated!

Congratulations to all the winners!