PCL9GA Holds Member-Member Tournament

Team Red first place winners Sheryl Dobbin and Lorene Greer

Team Blue first place winners Meg Chrisman and Anna Schuchman

Team White first place winners Betty Johnson and Marilyn Matthews

Ruth Ann Mitchell

The theme for the 2022 PCL9GA’s annual Member-Member Tournament was “Have Clubs Will Travel.” Golfers were encouraged to grab their clubs in red, white, and blue for a fun two-day tour of great courses across the USA. The tournament was held on March 8 and 9 and was played on three courses—Tuscany Falls East Front, Tuscany Falls East Back, and Tuscany Falls West Back.

Co-chairs Sue Smith and Linda Brisnehan planned and executed a fun-filled two-day event in which Lady Niners were provided snacks and prizes or gifts each day. Day one included a chipping contest, opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, and lunch in the Tuscany Falls Chianti Room. The golf game was a two-person scramble. Day two, the game was a two-person odd couple and was followed by lunch and dessert in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom. The raffle winners and performance winners were announced. The winners of the chipping contest were Tina Stepzinski and Cathi Helman. Todd Young of West USA Realty presented $100 each to Sue Frens and Nancy Crooks for guessing the number of tees. The weather was wonderful both days.

Winning Teams—Red

First Place: Lorene Greer and Sheryl Dobbin, Second Place: Caryn Brett and Kelly McElroy, Third Place: Sue Harrison and Lisa Lombardy,

Winning Teams—White

First Place: Betty Johnson and Marilyn Matthews, Second Place: Loretta Gunn and Gloria Karsky, Third Place: Vicki Wolfe and Lola Hagen

Winning Teams—Blue

First Place: Meg Chrisman and Anna Schuchman, Second Place: Sue Frens and Cathi Helman, Third Place: Adrianne Beck and Ruth Ann Mitchell

PCL9GA’s Member-Member Tournament was sponsored by several local businesses: Donna Strand—Realty One, WestUSA Realty—Todd Young, AAA Cleaning & Maintenance, Farm and Family Insurance, Karen Reuland, Ryan Roberts, Nicole Johnston, Hair Stylist, and ReMax—Candy & Mike Klackle. Thank you for your support.