PCL9GA Birthday Party Celebrates 26 Years

Niners presidents—past, current, and president-elect (from left to right): Karen Morgan, Brenda Sand, Carol Hahn, Charlotte Krause, Maggie Maas, Barb Hockert, Lynn Bishop-Pidcock (sorry, we only got the top of your hat!), Norma Guillaume, Diane Burns (current president), Pattie Engelhardt (president-elect), Diane Galewski, and Bobbie Wagner

Wendy Wisser, an original Lady Niners organizer

Jinny Pearson, an original Lady Niners organizer

Diane Burns and Cindy Hurst

The PebbleCreek Ladies Nine-Hole Golf Association (PCL9GA) celebrated 26 years with a birthday party on Feb. 22, 2022. The league was formed in November 1995. Wendy Wisser and Jinny Pearson were the two ladies who were responsible for organizing the league. Initially, they were met with strong opposition; some people did not want a bunch of women on the golf course! However, Wendy and Jinny were persistent and finally met with Mr. Robson, who agreed to the idea. The first PCL9GA president was Marilyn Nichols, from 1995-96. The first month of play for the Lady Niners was in November 1995.

The league had eight members in 1995 and 197 members in 2007. There are 302 members as of Feb. 22, 2022. Wendy Wisser (absent) and Jinny Pearson were honored along with past presidents Bobbie Wagner, Norma Guillaume, Barbara Hockert, Patty Greene, Lynn Bishop-Pidcock, Brenda Sand, Karen Morgan, Patti Engelhardt, Charlotte Krause, Wally Campbell, Carol Hahn, Maggi Maas, and Diane Galewski.