PC Woodcarvers Club Members Create Works of Art

Cynthia Schwartz

When the PebbleCreek (PC) Creative Arts Center (CAC) closed in March, members of the PC Woodcarvers Club found alternative venues to drill, cut, sand, paint, and create works of art. Some members carved in garages, others at the kitchen table, and a few set up shop on their patios.

Rich Schmidt, president of the PC Woodcarving Club, commented about the club’s activities: “During this ordeal, we have been using email to send photos of our COVID-19 projects to members of our club. The Quail Room at the CAC is closed due to a remodeling project. We expect to once again be able to use it mid-August, at which time it will be available by reservation for a three hour block of time. Members need to contact me to get put on an access list that is supplied to CAC management, who controls access on a daily basis.” Below are photos of some of the completed woodcarving and stone carvings.

Members are reminded that when the remodeling of the Quail Room is complete, reservations can be made by contacting President Richard Schmidt.