PC Pool Players Triumph in Extended Play Tournaments

Left to right: Al Vence, winner of PebbleCreek Billiard Club’s Extended Play (8 weeks) 8-Ball Tournament shown with Harold Erker, champion of the 8-week, 9-Ball Round-Robin Tournament. (Photo by Jim Padgitt)

Jim Padgitt

PC Billiard Club members recently wrapped up their first season of extended play tournaments. The separate 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournaments each consist of 8 weekly mini-tourneys played in a round-robin format, culminating in the crowning of an overall Tournament Champion for each game.

Harold Erker took the 8-Ball crown by racking up 68 points, including 50 game wins and 6 points for each of three weekly mini-tourneys he won. Finishing in second and third places were Al Vence (59 points) and Joe Armbruster (39 points).

Other 8-Ball tournament players included: Jim Sykes, Robert Sumsky, Chuck Johnson, Jim Padgitt, Clay Beeson, Bill Wise, Marv Schrock, Mike Finnegan, Bill Frustaglia, and Jim Chyczk.

In the extended 9-Ball tournament event, Al Vence bested all comers by winning an impressive 4 of 8 weekly mini-tourneys. Overall, Al scored 64 points, 40 games won/points plus 24 bonus points. Joe Armbruster and Jim Padgitt finished in second and third places, respectively, with total points of 59 and 41.

Other Billiard Club members competing in the 9-Ball tournament included: Harold Erker, Marv Schrock, Clay Beeson, and Butch Schoen.

To honor their victories, both Tournament Champions (Harold, 8-Ball; Al 9-Ball) received a gift card to a popular local restaurant.