PC Pickleball Volunteer and Player of the Month

Beth Kelly in The Baseball Room in her PebbleCreek home.

Beth Kelly in The Baseball Room in her PebbleCreek home.

Cynthia Schwartz

Beth Kelly is the PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Player/Volunteer of the month. Beth is an artist, a teacher, dog trainer, and an avid collector of Major League Baseball memorabilia.

Born in New Jersey, Beth received a bachelor’s degree from Colorado’s Women’s College, with a major in art and minor in education. Beth was an art teacher at Conrad Ball Junior High School in Loveland, Colo. Beth commented, “I built art projects around what my students were studying in Social Studies. This included drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and art history. I loved watching my students and seeing what they accomplished. At the end of the year we had an art show. I stepped back and was blown away by their artwork.” After 21 years, Beth retired from teaching.

Beth went on to become the co-founder of Sherlock Hounds Detection Canines, LLC. Sherlock Hounds is an “effective, proactive program that deters the potential existence of drugs, alcohol, and gunpowder in schools, businesses, and private homes, by the use of non-threatening detection canines.” Many of the Sherlock Hounds “All-Star Lineup” dogs include Mark Gracie, Boomer, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, Dexter Fowler, and Fergie, all named after baseball players.

Since Beth lived in New Jersey, her father would drive to the Port Authority, park the car, and take her on the seven train to Yankee Stadium. Beth is a NY Yankee fan! As a child, she watched her favorite players Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, and Joe Peppitone. For her 50th birthday, Beth went to Yankee Fantasy Camp. “Camp was the best. My coaches were Joe Peppitone and Roy White. It was just like being a professional player. We did calisthenics, stretches, and practice skills. We had Yankee uniforms and our names on our lockers. The biggest thrill was when I was up at bat in a game, and I hit a single off the legendary pitcher Al Downing.” Al signed that ball for Beth and it is displayed in “The Baseball Room” here in her PC home.

For about 10 years, Beth and her Colorado friends would drive a motorhome to Arizona to attend MLB Spring Training games. After researching adult communities, Beth decided that PebbleCreek was the place to retire. It was a perfect place for The Baseball Room. Beth’s Baseball Room is filled with over 300 baseball memorabilia items. She has a photo signed by Roger Maris, baseballs signed by Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams, and her prized possession, a Derek Jeter bat.

Beth has served as the PCPB Club Historian for three years. She has recorded the history of pickleball in PebbleCreek. Beth writes history articles for the club’s newsletters, creates graphics and flyers, and is a coach for the Novice Program. She also helped organize the PCPB Skills and Drills program. Beth commented, “I love the club. I appreciate all of the volunteers who donate their time.” Beth, we thank you for all your time and appreciate your talents.