PC Hiking Club Diary

Left to right: Gary Bray, Neal Wring, Dave Ausman (“Ausy”), Kris Raczkiewicz, Eileen Lords-Mosse, and Lynn Warren (photographer) pausing on peak one, Pyrite Summit, with water vapor from the Palo Verde clearly visible in the background.

“A” Hikers Complete Four Peaks of Skyline

Lynn Warren

The club hikes at four levels of difficulty. “A” hikes tend to be longer and harder, but are not always in remote areas. On Dec. 27, six PebbleCreek hikers headed to Buckeye’s nearby Skyline Park for a strenuous hike encompassing the four major peaks. Starting shortly after 7 a.m., the hikers proceeded to check off Pyrite Summit, Valley Vista, Skyline Crest Summit, and last, but definitely not least, Javelina Summit, a total of 15.6 miles and over 3,000 ft. of elevation gain. The club provides opportunities not only for hiking but also an opportunity for socializing with others with similar interests. Join the Hiking Club and experience interesting areas you might not visit on your own; see pchikers.org for more information and photos.

Left to right: Neal Wring, Leon Mosse, Kris Raczkiewicz, Lynn Warren (photographer), Eileen Lords-Mosse, and Mike Tansey celebrating Lynn’s milestone under the watchful eye of a giant Gila monster at Lake Pleasant.

“B” Hiker Sets New Club Record

When Lynn started hiking with the club 10 years ago, he gave little thought to mileage but noted that there were a few hikers who already had several thousand miles. Having grown up watching western movies on Saturdays, he developed a love of the west and was fortunate enough to take a couple of trips through the west at an early age, so hiking with the club was simply a great opportunity to not only see beautiful western scenery, but to experience and photograph it up close and personal.

Well, he kept putting one foot in front of the other and slowly but surely the miles began to mount, and a few of the hikers ahead of him either moved or dialed back on hiking. Fast forward to 2021, and on Nov. 17 on a “B” hike at Lake Pleasant, Lynn set a new club record of 13,000 miles (over halfway around the earth). In addition to just hiking, Lynn has served as club vice president, “B” hike coordinator, and frequent photographer.

If you are interested in hiking with the club and chasing your own milestones, the club offers four levels of hikes. Who knows where an introductory hike might take you? Visit pchikers.org for more information and photos.

Pictured at Cave Creek Recreation Area on the Spur Cross Trail, and standing in the middle of the group photo, is Nancy Love, the introductory hike coordinator. Other hikers pictured are Terry Dickinson, Lynne McCoy, Ron Grove, Gary Baker, Dave Schuldt, Vicki Bertolet, Barbara Valencia, Lisa Lombardy, and Nadine Eder. (Photo by Kay Thomas)

Intro Hike Offered

Kay L Thomas

The PebbleCreek Hiking Club welcomes potential new members with an introductory hike that shares club practices and desert hiking knowledge. For more information, visit pchikers.org.