Patrol Report

Patrol Dispatched        

Alarms All Other        15

All Facilities Locked at Night        31

All Facilities Unlocked AM        31

Animal Rules Leash        1

Animals Lost and Found        4

Animals Misc.        7

Auto Accidents        0

Barking Dog        0

Bee Complaints        0

Building Check        7

Damage to Property        2

Dead Animal Pickup        18

Debris on Road        13

Disabled Vehicle        4

Disturbance        1

Dust Dirt Complaint        2

Escort Guest/Homeowner        2

Flag and Sign Violations        13

Flat Tire Assistance        1

Gate Malfunctions        15

Golf Cart Tow        10

Golf Course Rules        1

Holiday or Sign Violations        1

Homeowner/Guest Assistance        16

Jump Start        19

Lighting Rules        0

Lost and Found        2

Miscellaneous        42

Pool Rules        1

RFID’s Installed        92

Soliciting        2

Speeding Complaint by H/O        3

Suspicious Act/Person        6

Theft        0

Vacation Watch        594

Water Leak        20

Weeds        2

Welfare Check        25

Total Dispatches for Month        1003

Violation/Courtesy Notices/Warnings

Driveway Parking        17

Disabled Parking Violations        1

Expired Passes        6

Fire Lane Parking        1

Garage Door        82

Illegal Gate Entry        9

Parking on Unpaved Surface        1

RV Violations        14

Speeding Tickets/Warnings Issued        12

Stop Sign Courtesy/Tickets Issued        14

Street Parking        20

Trash Rules        25

Total        202

Gate number 8 Construction Gate        702

Main HO Gates Count        65,319

Is your garage door closed?

I’m repeating last month’s patrol message this month because of a recent development at our gate. Keep your doors and garage doors closed and locked at all times.

Don’t leave your home at risk, close those garage doors. Here are some interesting facts:

65% of all burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

July and August months are when the most burglaries occur.

A high percentage of all burglaries are through open garage doors.

Rule: Z/page 26 of the CCR’s Garage Openings

No garage door shall be open except when necessary for access to and from the garage.

This does not just apply to nighttime but all hours of the day.

By leaving your garage all the way open, half way open, or a few inches open, you allow in critters, coyotes, rabbits, and intruders, to name a few.

For your safety, our patrol will call you to make you aware that you have forgotten your garage door. To avoid getting that dreaded 10 p.m. or 2 a.m. call, please keep your garage door closed.